Isekai Tensei no Boukensha Prologue 2

Prologue · Different World

“Tenma-kun, have you woke up?”

When Tenma woke up, there were ten light figures standing there.

“Where is this place?”

To Tenma’s muttering, one of the light figures approached, only to be struck by the other light figures and performing a brilliant sliding fall.

“This child is such a good child~! Such a good child hasn’t come so far.”

Saying so, the woman-like light comes to embrace Tenma,

“It is good that this child is the one who came.”

Saying so, the light figure that is also like a woman comes close by with a smile.

“It is the first time that someone has said something like that!”

Saying so, a light figure that is like an old man comes and hits my back. A little further away there are two light figures looking at my whole body, they silently approach me and one of them starts sniffing my smell, and the other is touching me all over my body including my lower half. Are they perverts? I protected my most important place. There was also a light figure looking from behind the women-like light figures, it looks a bit scary but it was quite friendly, although I cannot see its face. The light figure that was struck by the others was confused.

“Everyone, because Temma is confused, leave him alone for now!”

To those words, the other light figures calmed down.

“I can not tell who is who because I do not know nor see your faces and figures.”

With those words of Tenma, they start to become noisy again, in addition,

“Ah, I forgot to make our figure visible to Tenma-kun. I’m sorry, tehe.”

The light figure that said those words (probably the one who brought me here) was beaten up by the several other light figures? Seemingly with a smile, a light figure came closer and puts its palm around my eyes.

“Please keep still for a bit~”

At the same time as it said those words, the area around my eyes were seemingly feeling warmer.

“It’s already fine now.”

When the hand was released my eyes after about 1 to 2 minutes, there was a beautiful woman with a gentle smile on her face. Moreover, she has big breasts.
Beside her, there is a beautiful woman with a slender body shape. I wonder if this beautiful woman was the once who embraced me.
In the vicinity, there is a girl who looks like she is 10 years old, looking from behind a stout woman who looks like an innkeeper.
A little further away, a boy aged 15 years is being beaten like an octopus, the one who is hitting is an old man with a lot of muscle, as well as wolf looking animal, but it’s actually a man who is wearing animal fur, and also a handsome man who looks really cool but his movements are strange… he is looking at me and winking, who is this person?! The pervert from before was him! I am disappointed!
After looking for a while, one of the two men who called out is a nice middle-aged man, and the other is a male that looks like a mage who is wearing a deep hood.

The middle-aged man says, “Nice to meet you, Tenma, I am a God of Destruction and this hooded one is a God of Magic.”

Nice middle-aged man and the hood give their greetings in order, followed by women’s team.

“Nice to meet you, Tenma-chan, I am the Goddess of Love!”

“I am the Goddess of the Earth~, nice to meet you.”

“I am the Goddess of Life, nice to meet you Tenma!”

“I am the God of Death … Best regards.”

In order, it’s the slender beauty, the gentle beauty, the innkeeper lady, and the midget.

The three people came when they got tired of beating.

“Ou, I’m the God of Craft! Best regards Tenma!”

Saying so, the old man repeatedly hits my back. It hurts quite a lot.

“………… I am the God of Beasts ………”

A man wearing fur who approached from behind and smells a my scent… It was a wolf, so I am convinced why it is doing so … There is no way I am! I am scared that I will be eaten!

“Ha ha~, I am the God of War. Best regards Te-n-ma-chan! Chu~tsu.”

A wild(?) Okama has appeared. The attack of the Okama “Blowing Kiss” is unleashed, to which Tenma dodges. The wild(?) Okama is a disappointment…… That was dangerous~.

“Gohon~tsu! Nice to meet you Tenma-kun, I am the God of Creation who brought you here. Best regards.”

A boy aged 15 years called out, on his head there are about 8 Tankku as seen in cartoons. … It is amazing that he is only injured to that degree after being beaten as if he were an octopus.

“Nice to meet you everyone, I am Ootori Tenma. For now, can someone explain what is going to happen from now on.”

“That’s right, then I’ll explain starting from me. Before that, sit down on that first.”

When the boy who calls himself the God of Creation thrusts his fingers, 10 chairs appeared semi-circularly in a way that the chairs surrounded Tenma. When the boy corrects his posture,

“Again, nice to meet you Tenma-kun, and welcome to our world “Phantasmas”, although we are the only ones who know the name of the world.”

“Can I ask a question before that?”


I decided to ask what I was most concerned about by waiting for God of Creation to answer.

“I have heard what Gods you are, but I have not been told your names yet.”

The god of Creation shows a “kyoton” expression on his face.

“Name? There is no such thing. If anything, the God of etc is a name.”

This time, Tenma shows a “kyoton” expression.

“Is it not inconvenient?”

So I asked in reply, however the God of Creation,

“The name of a God will change rapidly if the times and rulers change, and I also do not want to the name that humans have arbitrarily given. It’s also troublesome.”

The last one is absolutely the true reason.

“Well putting that aside, first I would like to tell you that there isn’t anything I want you to do when you reincarnate because when you are reincarnated in this world, you will have fulfilled the reason I called you here. You can live freely, although as expected I think that we will intervene if you do something like destroying the world or slaughtering everything that lives.”

Although he makes it sound like a joke, it is not the atmosphere of someone joking.

“Understood, I will keep it in mind.”

“I will be saved if you do that, because it will be troublesome when we have to intervene.”

It’s always that isn’t, God of Creation.

“You told me that some kind of cheat ability will be given, but what can I get?”

“Un, first is the classic of all templates, “Appraisal”. It is convenient. Another one is “Growth Enhancement”. This will increase all growth, experience value by 10 times compared to the amount that other people can receive. Afterwards, any Gods who like you will grant you their divine protection or cheat ability that they feel like giving you. The gods here are the ones deciding what to give.”

“What would you be giving me?”

“It’s secret, it’s a fun for after you are born again, but you are the first to receive the abilities from this number of gods.

“By the first time, you mean there have been other people who have come to this world in the past?”

“There were about 4 to 50 in all. Well, there are ones like are dogs and cats, rather than humans, and sometimes even fish.”


“By the way, it was a carp in Japan, it was a big carp that was called Namitaro but it was over 2 meters, it was fished up soon after incarnating.”

“Poor thing.”

“There were human beings the most, but there were some with bad personalities, so there were some whom didn’t receive a cheat from anyone, but roughly one or two people received a cheat.”

“If I think about that way, than it is indeed a lot. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Then, shall we start. Ah, what about your memories of your past life?”

“Leave it for me.”

“Understood, it will be over during your sleep, so when you wake up you will have reborn. Although I say that you will be reborn, I will actually be creating your body so you will have no parents, but in exchange for that I will make it say that when you appear, you will be near someone who will raise you instead. Even in the worst case, you have our divine protection, so it should be okay.”

“That’s pretty irresponsible, but oh well, please do it soon.”

“Well, I will try to find a person that will be kind to you. Then I’ll start, Tenma-kun, I pray that your second life is a happy one. Good night.”

“Aah, good night”

After Tenma begins to sleep.

“Now then, from now on I will give you my divine protection and cheat. I will give “Creation Magic” and “Enchantment Magic” in addition to “Appraisal” and “Growth Enhancement”, as well as “Concealment” and of course, my divine protection.”

“I will do my utmost to protect you with my divine protection, rather, that’s all I can do.”

“Isn’t it okay that ensure that he meets good people since I am the Goddess of Love? I give him my divine protection and “detectability”~”

“I will grant “Life Force Enhancement” and “Enhanced Recovery” as well as my divine protection.”

“I will give “Instant Death Resistance” and “Abnormal Status Resistance”, without my divine protection.”

“I think you don’t need to mind if it’s him, I will give “Skill Acquisition Enhancement” and my divine protection.”

“I will give “All Magic Attributes” and “Magical Power Enhancement” as well
as divine protection.”

“…I will give “Senses Enhancement” and “Well Being Enhancement” and divine protection…”

“I will give “Destruction Resistance” and “Destruction Enhancement” and divine protection.

“I will give~… “myself” kya~tsu!”

“””Do it seriously.”””

“What is it~ everyone together. I understand, then “my love”!”

“””You don’t understand at all.”””

“It can’t be helped then~, “Military Arts” and “Physical Ability Enhancement” and my divine protection, it’s fine with this right!”

“It’s decided then, it’s time to give it to Tenma-kun ………… done, for now let’s look at the current abilities.”

Name: Ootori Tenma
Age: 25
Race: Human
Title: Favourite Child of the Gods

HP: 15000 (50000)
MP: 15000 (50000)

Strength: B- (S+)
Defense: B (SS)
Speed: B (SS)
Magic: C+ (S+)
Mind: A (SSS-)
Growth: C (SSS)
Luck: D- (B)

Skill: Sword Technique 8 · Unarmed Techniques 8 · Throwing Techniques 8 · Cooking 8 · Staff Techniques 7 · Endurance 7 · Dismantling 7 · Spear Technique 6 · Trap 6 · Night Vision 6 · Archery 5 · Axe Techniques 4

Gifts: Divine Protection 10 · Appraisal 10 · Concealment 10 · Detection 10 · Skill Acquisition Enhancement 10 · Household Enhancement 10 · Growth Enhancement 8 · Life Force Enhancement 8 · Recovery Enhancement 8 · Abnormal Status Resistance 8 · Sense Enhancement 7 · Physical Ability Enhancement 7 · Destruction Enhancement 5 · Magical Power Enhancement 5 · Creation Magic 5 · Enchantment Magic 5 · Destruction Resistance 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · All Magic Attributes 5 · Military Arts 5

“… Maybe we overdid it?”

The other gods had no choice but to laugh at the muttering of God of Creation.

Author Note

The prologue is over this time. I would like to enter this volume next time.

When the god of death said she would not give her divine protection, those who were reincarnated in the past hated divine protection of the god of death, those who received the protection prematurely died etc. That is why one of the Gods said that she does not have to mind it. This is not a fact, it seems that such a hoax spreads out because it is easy to see when merely considering the cause of death of the deceased. The mortality rate of a receiver is basically unchanged.

Because the goddess of love was basically unable to think that it would fit Tenma because of the ability for women and the ability to be designated R18. (Things useful for the night etc etc)

Creation magic is nearly omnipotent depending on the magic to create what you thought.

“Military Arts” increase the ability to understand how to use weapons and martial arts, and acquire skills, so it can do immediately allow one to become a master. Incidentally, it also applies to moving the body like sports.

“Skill Acquisition Enhancement” is applied to things like cooking, painting, smithing work, which is not reflected in martial arts.

In the status, average general people is HP 2000 ~, MP 500 ~, each ability is about D- ~ C +, average knights and adventurers in middle stage, HP 5000 ~, MP 2000 ~, each ability is C- ~ B +, first class knight and even adventurers HP 15000 ~, MP 8000 ~, each ability is said to be B ~ A +.

Parenthesis of the capability value of Tenma is predictive value of ability to be obtained in the future due to protection and cheat in the parentheses. Immediately after the incarnation the ability value is low, but it is going to be stronger soon.

I think there won’t be much appearances for the Gods.

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