Isekai Tensei no Boukensha prologue 1

Prologue · Previous Life

Ootori Tenma was watching the people who are attending the funeral at the meeting place in the village from on top of the coffin, but no one will even look at Tenma, it looked like a very strange sight, although it would be if there was anything to see.
That funeral was for sending off Tenma. In other words, Tenma is an invisible existence, something that is called a “ghost” by people.

“I wonder how long I am to stay here.”

There was no one who answered Tenma’s muttering…….

“Ootori Tenma-kun, I came to scout you.”

Those were the first words that were said to the ghost Tenma.
Looking back at the unexpected reply, there was … … a suspicious light was standing, taking the appearance of a human form.

“Nice to meet you- “hi~yun~tsu” -that was dangerous!”

Towards the light figure that was extending a, hand? Tenma threw a bowl that was close by at the light figure.

“That was dangerous, you know!”

The light figure that avoided was surprised, but there was no particular anger. However, Tenma, without letting his guard down picks up a nearby bowl and is preparing to throw it, the light that saw this panics.

“I am not a suspicious person so don’t throw such a thing! If you throw that kind of thing, you might hit another person next time! Listen to what I have to say!”

The second bowl was lowered due desperate persuasion of light figure. By the way, the first tea bowl flew out from the open window, so people probably haven’t gotten hurt.

“So, what are you? It seems that I am a ghost, so I think you are the same as well.”

In response to Tenma’s question, the light figure puffing out its, chest?

“How rude! I am God(Kami-sama)!”

Tenma who heard that, slowly wielded his arms, “I’m not a liar! It is true! Listen to what I have to say for the time being!” and stopped.

“Please listen until the end. I am a God of a different world. Tenma-kun, I came to scout you to come to my world.”

The self-proclaimed God (lol), said those words which resulted in Tenma hardening in surprise…… before regaining himself.

“Isn’t it terrible to laugh, although you regained yourself quite quickly… I thought you’d be more confused.”

“It’s already surprising that I exist here as a ghost. So, for the time being, you are the god of a different world, and you are telling me that you came here to reincarnate me is something I can still understand. So, why choose me?”

“Isn’t that obvious~, it’s by chance?”

Tenma starts to lift a bowl “That’s enough of that!”, which he did not throw.

“It’s true that it happened that I came around here by chance, but there was a soul that fits into my world’s wavelength very well, so I called out to it.”

“You knew my name didn’t you.”
“You told me that you came to scout me.”
“You said you happened to come around here and that you found a soul that could match your world’s wavelength.”
“Rather than you happening to come around here, isn’t it actually that you knew about me?”
“……Why do you think so?”
“It feels like what you’re saying is too good to be true. Rather, it’s easier to believe if that you happened to come across me who had a wavelength compatible with your world, and thus killed me and turned me into ghost, instead of happening to contact me who is a ghost because you found a soul that matches the wavelength of your world by chance.”
“So, did you kill me?”
“There is no way I did something like that! Don’t make a fool of me!”

Tenma reflexively apologised to the light figure that called itself a God that looked as if he was crying with half of himself as it gave a cry.

“I also have to apologize, in fact I knew about you a long time ago, but I swear I did not kill you, it’s true. I was waiting for you to reach the end of your lifespan. I was paying attention to you as I intended to call out to you.”

“How long is a while that you mentioned?”

“Since you were born.”

“So it’s from such a long time ago, but why did you care about me who is in a different world for so long?”

Towards the question of Tenma.

“In the world where I am, the world itself may fall to something like an illness, and when it comes to that, there is something that resembles the vitality of everything that exists in the world, would decrease. Sometimes the world itself can disappear. To prevent that, I regularly send the souls of another world to activate its “existence power”.”

“So it’s something like a vaccination. So, what are the merits and demerits of me being sent to a different world?”

“I do not think there is anything like a demerit, if I had to say one it will be that you will start ass a baby when you reincarnate. As for merits, I will give you an ability, the so-called cheat as a way to make it easy for you to live. If you wish, I can add the experience and skills that you have cultivated in this world and I will use magic that I can apply only in this world, only once. Of course, within the limits of common sense.”

After thinking for a bit, Tenma,

“Well then, can we remove the memories concerning me from this world?”

“I can, but why do you ask me to do that?”

“Ah, this village was becoming depopulated and the population has been decreasing and it became a village full of many people of old age. Everyone tried their best and gradually we were successful in increasing the population.”


“It was my grandfather and his friends who moved as the centre, I was dearly loved by the people, but since passing away, I can see that they look so depressed that they might die even tomorrow, as I can not bear it, I want to do something about it.”

Is there hope in Tenma’s answer? With tears and a shaking small voice,

“What a good child! If it’s like that, I will grant it without issue! However, why do you not want to erase it completely?”

To that question, Tenma, while his cheeks were blushing a little,

“If you completely erase their memory of me, then I will feel lonely…”

I murmured so with a small voice. The light that saw it cried? while doing that,


Tried to embrace me, so I cleanly avoided it.

“That’s mean. However, in order to grant your wish, you need to leave this world to make that wish come true, so please hold onto my hand.”

The light figure says so, so I held onto his hand for the time being.

“Well then, let’s go.”

In the next moment, Tenma lost conscious along with a floating sensation.

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