Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 7

Chapter 1 – 7

Two years have passed since I tamed Slalin.

In the past two years, with the guidance of Jii-can, I have primarily centred my studies on magic.

As a result,

Name … Tenma · Ootori
Age … 8
Race … Human
Title … Disciples of the Sage · Tamer · (Favourite Child of the Gods)

HP … 11000
MP … 16900

Strength … C-
Defense … C
Speed ​​… C+
Magic … S-
Mind … A+
Growth … SS-
Luck … B

Skill … Magic Manipulation 8 · Taming 8 · Household Enhancement 8 (10) Cooking 7 · Dismantling 7 · Fire Magic 6 · Water Magic 6 · Wind Magic 6 · Earth Magic 6 · Light Magic 6 · Enchantment Magic 6 · Throwing Technique 5 · Night Vision 6 · Endurance 6 · Trap 6 · Archery 6 · Unarmed Combat Technique 6 · Staff Technique 6 · Lightning Magic 5 · Dark Magic 5 · Space-Time Magic 5 · Sword Technique 5 · Magical Power Enhancement 5 · alchemy 5 · Spear Technique 4 · Axe Technique 4 · All Magic Attributes 3 (7) (Appraisal 10 · Detection 10 · Concealment 10 · Skill Acquisition Enhancement 10 · Growth Enhancement 8 · Vitality Enhancement 8 · Recovery Enhancement 8 · Abnormal Status Resistance 8 · Sensory Enhancement 7 · Physical Ability Enhancement 7 · Destruction Enhancement 5 · Creation Magic 5 · Destruction Resistance 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · Military Arts 5)

Gift … Divine Protection of the Gods

It has increased overall. If it is my current combat potential, Jii-chan has certified that I would be able to defeat both Tou-san and Kaa-san. Tou-san was depressed after hearing it.

More importantly, I learned Alchemy. This is important. It’s Alchemy! Alchemy!

With this, I can use alchemy just by putting my hands together like the famous Alchemist of Steel and his alchemist brother! There were times where I had thought of such a thing ………. Actually, it was not that easy … … It’s Tenma …… It’s Tenma … … It’s Tenma … (TN: Fullmetal Alchemist.)

Well, with such an impression, I felt depressed for some time. It was impossible to do it just by putting my hands together. Jii-can was also exasperated … He said it doesn’t work if you don’t use a magic circle …

To which I had an idea, like a new humanity pilot of a certain famous robot, like this, like “Kyupin! There”, with such a feeling, even if it didn’t work with steel, it would work with the Alchemist of Fire. Where you can put on a glove like their boss, if I drew a magic circle on it use alchemy, the result was … … a success! (TN: I don’t know about the robot/pilot but the second one is Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang.)
If you pass magical power through the gloves where the magic circle is written on the part of the palm, like those brothers … would be an exaggeration but it resulted as something that could be used, I was impressed!

Furthermore, I also learned 『Space-Time Magic』, so I challenged making a 「Magic Bag」 but as expected, it was difficult. After appraising the one that my father has, and after repeated trial and error, I finally succeeded in creating only two of them, so I showed it to the Jii-chan, but he said that the first one I made was something called a 「Dimension Bag」.

This 「Dimension Bag” and 「Magic Bag」 are similar, but the effect is somewhat different. The capacity of a 「Magic bag」 is decided by the materials and technology, expanding and fixing space by 『Space-Time Magic』 as well as stopping time, so food doesn’t rot, and it cannot store living creatures inside.

On the other hand, the 「Dimension bag」 is created rarely when one puts in too much or too less magical power during the making of a 「Magic Bag」 and there are cases where space and time are not fixed. They are commonly referred to as a “failed work” because they are ordinary bags whose capacity is just a little bigger than normal.

However, the “failed work” I made had capacity of about 50 meters cubed because I activated not only 『Space-Time Magic』, but also 『Creation Magic』 in the process of when I was putting in magic power.
When I heard about it from Jii-chan, I thought that it was a convenient “failed work”, but since there is a possibility that it can be targetted, I was told to register a contractor with magic, and implement defensive function with Enchantment Magic.

Well, with such a feeling, recently I exchange my opinions with Jii-chan and have tried various magic, and spent fulfilled days.

However, recently I have frequently sighted monsters that wander from the 『Forest of the Elder』, and the number of people who were stricken with illness in the village has increased, so Jii-chan has been often saying, “I have a bad premonition, it’s fine if nothing bad happens … “.

It’s really fine if nothing happens. I’m worried because such bad premonition tend to proves themselves to be true.

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  1. “Jii-chan has certificate“ = “Jii-chan has certified” or “Jii-chan has determined/declared/confirmed” if you want to fit better in the context.

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