Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 6

Chapter 1 – 6 First Familiar

Two years have passed since I received guidance under Jii-chan (Merlin). … Eh, that’s quite abridged? Even if you say that, ever since I learned how to control magical power, the things I do everyday are the same and nothing has never changed. The way to control magic power was simple after all.
It’s something like this,

1. Go into the water and stand straight, while keeping your mind calm and undisturbed.

2. Imagine that a circuit for magical power to flow in the body, is stretched through the body.

3. Imagine the magic power flowing in the circuit

4. When you feel as if your body getting lighter and that every inch of your body is becoming warm, it is a success.

5. Once you are used to this, you pass magic power into what you have in your hands and into what you are wearing.

That’s all

When I imagined blood vessels and blood instead of the circuit, I did succeeded on my first try. Later, almost every day, I just lived while maintaining the magic power that passed through my body as much as possible. Speaking of what changed in my study content, I studied less with Kaa-san, and my studies with Jii-chan has increased.
with this and that, I grew up to be six years old. From today, Tou-san will teach me how to hunt. Well, I have already experienced it in the previous life.
That’s why Tou-san and I went to the “Forest of the Elder” early in the morning.

“Tou-san, there is a Maru bird in the shadow of that tree.”

“Yoshi, leave it to me.”

Said Tou-san as he quickly shot an arrow. The arrow pierced the spot corresponding to the neck of Maru bird.

“Amazing, Tenma has already found the 8th one, and it’s still before noon.”

“But I only just found them, as 3 birds have escaped.”

“Even then, it is difficult for even veterans to find prey at such a pace. Your proficiency with archery will improve from now.”

(Well, if it’s just finding it, it is simple if you combine Appraisal and Detection.)

So, Tenma muttered in his heart.

“Tenma, Although it will be much earlier than planned, but we will finish for today, because we have exceeded the expected amount.”

So Ricardo proposed. At that time, there was a sound from the bush in the immediate area. They immediately took a distance and pulled out a knife. The thing that came out from the bushes was,

“A Slime huh. Tenma it’s okay, these guys are said to be the weakest of the monsters.”

So Ricardo says, as he loosens his vigilance a little.

“Tenma, it’s a good opportunity. Try defeating this guy.”

Tenma approaches the Slime as he was told by Ricardo while being slightly nervous. The Slime gazes at Tenma? There is a distance of 2 meters after shrinking the distance step by step.

(What is this, I feel like my consciousness is attracted to the Slime?)

Tenma stops his movements and returns the knife to its sheath, and approaches the Slime again.

“Tenma! What are you doing!”

Although Ricardo hurriedly tried to swoop down on the Slime, Temma stopped him with his hand,

“It’s okay, Tou-san, it seems to have no intention to attack me”

So he said, as he was reaching his hands towards the Slime. The Slime approached while trembling its body, touching the hands of Tenma. At that time, Tenma clearly felt a sense that something was connected with the Slime.

“Tou-san, it seems to have become attached to me!”

Ricardo looked at Temma as if he was surprised,

“Tenma, you had the talent of 『Taming』!” (TN: It says 『Training Tame』in the raw but that doesn’t right in English.)

He said.

“What is 『Taming』?”

“『Taming』 is a skill that you can use to tame monsters. You can also employ monsters to fight.”

“Hee~, that seems fun. (Is it like the nanchara monsters in my previous life?)” (TN: I think it is referencing to Pokemon.)

“A Slime is lower-ranked as a monster, but it’s still amazing that you could employ it.”

“Will Kaa-san and Jii-chan be surprised?”

“I don’t know about Merlin, but Kaa-san will be surprised. It might be better to show it to her after telling her about the Slime.”

“Why is that? I want to keep it a secret and surprise her.”

If done badly, she might be too surprised and she will attack the Slime.”

“That’s a problem!”

“Just to be sure, show it to Merlin first before showing it to Kaa-san.”

“Un! I understand!”

“Then, shall we go home?”

They walked to the village as they returned home. The Slime was embraced by Temma and was occasionally trembling its body with joy.

“Merlin, are you here?”

Upon returning to the village, Tenma and Ricardo first headed to Merlin’s house and talked about the Slime.

“Hoo~, so you had the talent of 『Taming』, that’s good for you. I understood about the matter with Celia, I will come along as well. I also want to talk about Slime.”

Saying so, they headed to the house where Celia was waiting for them.
Sure enough Celia was surprised, but she listened to what Tenma and them had to say, and praised him,

“You did it! Temma! It has been a while since someone succeeded in 『Taming』 in this village!”

So, Celia praises Tenma, and then Merlin says to them that he has something to tell them. They moved to the table and where everyone sat down, and the Slime is on the knees of Tenma.

“Apparently this slime seems to be able to use magic.”

They are surprised at those sudden words. Tenma looked into the Slime using “Appraisal”.

Name … ????
Age … 1
Race … Slime
Title … Tenma’s Familiar

HP … 500
MP … 500

Strength … E-
Defense … E-
Speed ​​… D-
Magic … C +
Mind … D-
Growth … B
Luck … B

Skill … Abnormal Status Resistance 5 · Endurance 2 · Unarmed Combat Technique 1 · Space-Time Magic 1
(TN: I am changing Unarmed Technique to Unarmed Combat Technique)

So it was displayed. It is obviously stronger than an ordinary Slime. Slimes has an approximate ability of F- ~ F+.

“Occasionally, a superior monster is born with a mutation, and this Slime is also one. Those individuals have a high intelligence and a many of them become stronger.”

“Does that mean this slime is an unusual one, Merlin?”

“That’s right. Even if we say a mutation, in the end it is a Slime. It is common for Slimes to die before growing stronger. In that sense, it is rare.”

“So that’s why Oji-san expressively came here?”

To Celia’s doubts, Merlin looks at Tenma and the Slime,

“There is also that, but the primary reason is that it’s related to the magic power of Tenma.”

“It’s related to my magic power?”

Tenma tilted his head to Merlin’s expected words.

“That’s right. Tenma has recently become better at controlling his magic powers, so I thought about teaching him magic soon.”

“What does that have to do with this Slime?”

Ricardo reacted to Merlin’s words.

“Well, calm down a little. In the beginning I was planning to use this.”

Merlin took out something like a pebble about 2-3 cm from his pocket and placed it on the table.

“That’s a magic stone without any magic power. What about it?”

In response to Celia’s doubt, Merlin,

“I intended to have him put magic power into this and learn how to use magical power, but I thought I would have him give magic power to slime instead.”

The three people listen to Merlin’s words. Continuing on, Merlin,

“If it is a magic stone, it will be broken if you put too much magic power at once. It is just right to train the release of magic power, and it will be simple to exchange magic powers to a certain extent with the path that is connected to the Slime.”

“I have mostly understood, but what do you mean by “pass”, Jii-chan?”

“It’s like a circuit that you share with your familiar. Depending on who you ask, it’s also called a bond.”

“But isn’t it dangerous to allow the magic power to flow into the Slime?”

Tenma’s doubt is reasonable. It wouldn’t be strange if it becomes traumatic, if the magic power in the Slime of my first 『Taming』, explodes.

“It’s alright. Although Slimes are omnivorous, but it is a monster that can live even with only water and magical power. Rather, there is the possibility of it growing stronger by eating the magic power of Tenma, it is exactly killing two birds with one stone.”

Tenma’s heart was moved by those words.

“Celia, I still have empty magic stones at home so bring it later. You can sell the magic stones that are filled with magic power to a peddler. It is fine to simply buy another magic stone with the money obtained.”

“Thank you Oji-san, but can I have the magic stones?”

“What, I am often treated to your cooking, so you can just think of it as the fee.”

Celia decided to accept Merlin’s words without reserve, and Ricardo remembered,

“Now that I think about it, Tenma, you have to give your Slime a name, as it’s inconvenient if it forever has no name?”

So he said. Subsequently Merlin and Celia also,

“That’s right. Try giving a good name for that new family member of Tenma.”

“That’s true, I feel bad for it to have no name, but Tenma, you have to look after it properly.”

So they said, however Tenma had actually already decided the name of Slime.

“The name of this Slime will be 『Slalin』!”

Tenma only came up with a name from the name of Slime that appeared in a certain RPG that he was playing in his previous life ever since Tenma tamed the Slime with 『Taming』. The other three who heard of it,

“It’s a bit cheap even if it’s because it’s a Slime. Although it’s easy to remember.”

“Ara, isn’t fine. It’s quite lovely.”

“That’s right. It’s what Tenma himself is naming it, and that Slime itself seems to like it.”

As Merlin said, the Slime seemed to be pleased with it’s body trembling or bouncing. It looked as if it were dancing.

“Please take care of me from now on, Slalin.”

Tenma gently talked to the slime who became a new family member.

Author Note:


Name … Tenma · Ootori
Age … 6
Race … Human
Title … Disciples of the Sage · Tamer · (Favourite Child of the Gods)

HP … 1500
MP … 8500

Strength … E-
Defense … E
Speed ​​… D
Magic … A
Mind … B-
Growth … SS-
Luck … B

Skill … Throwing Technique 5 · Taming 5 · Night Vision 5 · Endurance 5 · Cooking 4 · Dismantling 4 · Trap 4 · Archery 4 · Sword Technique 3 · Unarmed Combat Technique 3 · Spear Technique 3 · Staff Technique 3 · Axe Technique 3 · Fire Magic 2 · Water Magic 2 · All Magic Attributes 1 (6) (Appraisal 10 · Detection 10 · Concealment 10 · Skill Acquisition Enhancement 10 · Household Enhancement 10 · Growth Enhancement 8 · Vitality Enhancement 8 · Recovery Enhancement 8 · Abnormal Status Resistance 8 · Sensory Enhancement 7 Physical Ability Enhancement 7 · Destruction Enhancement 5 · Magical Power Enhancement 5 · Creation Magic 5 · Enchantment Magic 5 · Destruction Resistance 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · Military Arts 5)
(TN: In regard to Household Enhancement, the effects should be the improvement of relationships, like relationships with others such as friends etc, and the effects should also extend to familiars, so it can be an explanation why the slime approached him and was so easily tamed.

Gift … Divine Protection of the Gods

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