Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 5

Chapter 1 – 5 The Sage’s Arrival

Four years since Tenma was picked up, on a certain day a year after he started studying magic,

“Tenma, studying with books alone ends today. You have done well. From tomorrow onwards, I will begin teaching you from the basics of beginner’s magic in practice.”

To the permission from Celia, Tenma,

“Really! I can use magic? Yatta~!” (TN: For those who don’t know, it’s a Japanese expression for celebrating or being happy about achieving something.)

He raised a voice of joy.

“However, understand that from now on, you will keep your promise to your mother more than ever. Do not use magic unnecessarily, never quit training even if there is something difficult. Do you understand?”


“Tomorrow, we will go together with Otou-san to the nearby river and practice there, so sleep early today and rest well so that you are in good condition tomorrow.”


Although he responded so, Tenma couldn’t easily fall asleep from the joy and excitement of being allowed to use magic.

The next day, Tenma and his parents went to a river about 10 minutes walk from the village in the morning.

“Listen Tenma, I will teach you from water magic first. Please watch, 『Water』.”

Celia puts her hand into a place where the flow of the river is gentle and voices that word. Then, there was a pillar of water that rose for about 1 meter from the surface of the river.

“Do you understand? This is the fundamentals of water magic. At first, start from a gentle point and gradually make it possible to maintain a water column even in rapid flowing places. Try it.”

When Tenma tried to put his hand into the river, he suddenly felt a gaze and turned around to look behind him. At the same time, Ricardo turned around and was surprised,

“Hohhou, it seems you have noticed ja na. I did not intend to disturb you, I’m sorry.” (TN: He speaks like Tomoe from Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)

There was a man standing about 10 meters from Ricardo and about 15 meters in distance from Tenma, wearing black robe from the head down.
As the man approached, Celia stood in front of Tenma as if to protect him, Ricardo pulled out a big knife and lowered his waist while taking one step forward, and stood between the man and them.

“Who are you!”

To Ricardo who was wary, the man stopped without looking particularly concerned and called out.

“Do not be so wary Ricardo. Have you forgotten me, Celia?”

While saying that, he pulled his hood back and revealed his face.


As Ricardo called out Merlin and Celia called out Oji-san, the man laughed while deepening the wrinkles on his face.

“That’s right ja yo, I am Merlin ja. If you understand, will you put down the knife, Ricardo?”

“A, Ahh, sorry”

Ricardo returns the knife to the sheath at his waist. After seeing that, the man called Merlin slowly approached.

“It has been a while ja nou, you two. How many years has it been?”

“11 years has passed already, Merlin.”

“That’s right, Oji-san. I have been worried since I haven’t heard from you for many years!”

While Merlin laughed at the words of the two,

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I thought I’d send you letters, but I had completely forgotten.”

He was scratching his head while saying so.

“You are as usual, Oji-san.”

“Well, I occasionally heard stories about you so I thought you weren’t dead.”

Merlin looked at Tenma, who was behind the two who said that.

“By the way, is this child a child of you two? When did you give birth Celia?”

He asked while keeping eye contact with Tenma.
Ricardo took Merlin and took a little distance from Tenma.

“It’s half correct, but also half wrong, Merlin.”


“This child was abandoned in the Forest of the Elder at the time when he was a baby. We discovered him by chance, and protected and adopted him.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, now he is our treasure.”

Merlin smiled at the sight of Ricardo laughing.

After the conversation ended, they introduced themselves again after the two returned.

“You are Tenma right ja na? Nice to meet you, I am Merlin ja. I am Celia uncle, though I am also sometimes called the “Sage” in the world.”

Hearing the words of the wold man who was laughing cheerfully, Tenma without thinking,

“Sage, as in that Eccentric?”

He said that. He thought that he had to say something after realising he said that, but Merlin didn’t mind it,

“I am also called that.”

He said so nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry, my name is Tenma. My age is 4 years old.”

“Oh, I see, I see. You do not need to worry about it. I have done things that resulted in being called Eccentric by people.”

He said so while laughing.

“By the way Celia, what were you doing?”

“Ee, I was about to teach Tenma the fundamentals of magic.”

“I see, I see. Please try doing it, Tenma.”


Tenma said so and put his hands in the river and chanted 『Water』, then a water column of about 1 meter was made in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Isn’t that amazing, Tenma. To successfully do it with one try!”

“Ahh, usually the water does not react or it cannot keep its shape!”

Although the two were praising him, Merlin had a sharp expression,

“Tenma, you have something to do before this practice. As it is, you will end up breaking your body.”

He said so. Merlin continued before Tenma and his parents could say something,

“Your magical power is too high for your age, so it is better to thoroughly practice controlling your magical power first.”

“However Oji-san, it’s not common for ordinary people to go start practising magical power manipulation before letting their body remember how to release magical power to some extent.”

“It is true that it is common to familiarise yourself with the feeling of releasing magical power from the body and then learning how to control it. However, to the last, that is only the case for children with an ordinary disposition for magic ja.”

“So you are saying that Tenma is not normal.”

Merlin nods to Ricardo’s words,

“The magical power and magical power capacity of this child is reaching the top level, but the body is still that of a child. If you release magical power poorly, you will not be able to control it and it will cause an accidental discharge. As a result, if it goes well, you will become cripple, if it goes bad, it will involve the surrounding area and it will destroy everything.

Tenma and his parents became pale due to Merlin’s words.

“Then what should we do?”

Merlin replies to the voice of Celia who seems like she about to start crying,

“In order for it to not end up that way, we need circulate magical power within the body without releasing any, and learn the technique to control magical power.”

Celia settled down for a bit due to Merlin’s words, but she noticed that she could not teach Tenma. Merlin who saw that,

“What, do not worry, I will teach Tenma. If Tenma is about to go out of control, I can suppress it.”

While saying that, Merlin is stroking the head of Tenma. That face was like a grandfather stroking the head of his grandchild.

“Merlin, please take care of Tenma!”

“Oji-san, please take care of Tenma!”

“Umu, I understand. Your son is like a grandchild to me, I will do my best. Is Tenma fine with this?”

Although Merlin asked, Tenma currently has no option other than being taught by Merlin. There is also less danger and being instructed directly from the “Sage” is a good thing in itself,

“Yes! Please take care of me!”

So he cheerfully replied.


Name … Celia
Age … 36
Race … Human
Title … First-class Magician

HP … 10000
MP … 20000

Strength … C-
Defence … D +
Speed ​​… C +
Magic … A +
Mind … A +
Growth … C
Luck … B +

Skill … Fire Magic 8 · Water Magic 8 · Cooking 8 · Earth Magic 7 · Wind Magic 7 · Dismantling 6 · Holy Magic 5 · Swordsmanship 5 · Throwing Technique 5 · Staff Technique 5 · Night Vision 5 · Endurance 5 · Unarmed Technique 4 · Abnormal Status Resistance 4 · Axe Technique 3 · Magical Power Enhancement 3

Gift … Divine Protection of the God of Magic

Name … Merlin
Age … 62
Race … Human
Title … Sage · Great Magician · Dragon Slayer · Eccentric

HP … 12000
MP … 40000

Strength … C +
Defence … C +
Speed ​​… B-
Magic … S
Mind … S +
Growth … D +
Luck … A

Skill … Fire Magic 10 · Water Magic 8 · Earth Magic 8 · Wind Magic 8 · Holy Magic 8 · Unarmed Technique 8 · Staff Technique 7 · Endurance 7 · Sword Technique 6 · Dismantling 6 · Abnormal Status Resistance 6 · Enchantment Magic 6 · Throwing Technique 5 · All Magic Attributes 5 · Concealment 5 · Magical power Enhancement 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · Cooking 4 · Night Vision 3 · Physical Ability Enhancement 3

Gifts … Divine Protection of the God of War · Divine Protection of the God of Magic

Name … Tenma · Ootori
Age … 4
Race … Human
Title … Disciple of the Sage · Favourite Child of the Gods

HP … 800
MP … 6500

Strength … F
Defence … F-
Speed ​​… E
Magic … B +
Mind … B-
Growth … S +
Luck … B

Skill … Throwing Technique 4 · Night Vision 4 · Cooking 3 · Endurance 3 · Dismantling 3 · Trap 3 · Archery 3 · Sword Technique 2 · Unarmed Technique 2 · Spear Technique 2 · Staff Technique 2 · Axe Technique 2 · Fire Magic 2 · Water Magic 2 · All Magic Attributes 1 (6) (Appraisal 10 · Detection 10 · Concealment 10 · Skill Acquisition Enhancement 10 · Household Enhancement 10 · Growth Enhancement 8 · Vitality Enhancement 8 · Recovery Enhancement 8 · Abnormal Status Resistance 8 · Sensory Enhancement 7 Physical Ability Enhancement 7 · Destruction Enhancement 5 · Magical Power Enhancement 5 · Creation Magic 5 · Enchantment Magic 5 · Destruction Resistance 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · Military Arts 5)

Gift … Divine Protection of the Gods

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