Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 4

Chapter 1 – 4

About half a year has passed since I started studying. As usual, in my studies with Kaa-san I have only been taught fundamental magic theory. Actually using magic has not been permitted yet. Tou-san said that she is being overprotective, but he will never tell that to Kaa-san to her face. It is because when he tried to secretly teach me magic about two months ago, he got into big trouble. It was the moment when I saw a part of the power relationship between the two of them. Tou-san says,

“Do not go against Kaa-san when she has become like that! It’s best to quit all unnecessary resistance and keep quiet.”

So he said. Well putting that aside, I am not sure, but I feel that the study with Tou-san has become less restrictive. Recently, when I was learning how to dismantle prey using a knife, Two shadows came at that time.

“Are you doing it well, Tenma?”

“Are you making progress with your studies, Tenma?”

It was Mark-oji-san and his wife Martha-oba-san.

“Good afternoon, oji-san, oba-san. I am trying, but it is difficult.”

To my reply, both of them smile while replying,

“You are doing excellent if you can do that much at 3 years old,”

“That’s right. When I was about Tenma’s age, I was crying as I was scared of seeing blood.”

Saying so the two laugh. Just like these two people, when I am being taught various things from Tou-san outside, villagers who call out to me has increased. What I have learned from that is that there seems to be no children in this village that are around the same age as me, or rather, there are no children this village….
It seems that most of the children of the villagers are already adults, and have left the village to be adventurers in the large towns.
In this world, people are usually treated as an adult after reaching the age of 18, but in some cases it they will be adults from the age of 15. However, that applies mostly to the children of aristocrats and large merchants.

“Tenma, what’s wrong?”

“Uun, it’s nothing, Tou-san.”

This world has three continents and many island countries. This village is in the country called 『Klostin Kingdom』 which is located in the continent named 『Eurance Continent』 which is the largest continent. On this continent there is a 『Humble Duchy』 in the north of the kingdom and the continent’s largest country 『Gilst Republic』 in the east, and the three countries have an alliance. Several other small countries are consolidated in the southeast. This village is located at the edge of the capital of 『Klostin Kingdom』, 『Hausto Frontier Earldom』. The name of the village is 『Kukuri village』 and the nearby forest is called 『Forest of the Elder』.


“I’m alright, Tou-san.”

So, this 『Forest of the Elder』 has almost the same area as the territory of the vast and previous generation Japanese territory.
Although the resources are rich in the unexplored areas, the monsters become stronger as you go to deeper, and in the past the king three generations before dispatched troops and tried to capture the forest, which had ended in failure.
Due to that, the finance of the kingdom began to collapse, but some large dungeons were discovered within the kingdom, so it somehow managed to recover. Currently there is no need to poke the bushes poorly and to stir the snakes, so the kingdom’s soldiers rarely come.

“Tenma, Oi Tenma!”

“He~tsu, what, Tou-san?”

“You were being strange for a moment as you mumbling something. Are you really okay?”

“Un, I just got tired a little”

“Is that so? Let’s have a little break then.”

Saying that, I sat down in the shade. Tou-san was talking to Oji-san and Oba-san for a while. I activated 『appraisal』 on the three people.

Name … Ricardo
Age … 40
Race … Human
Title … Former First-class Adventurer · First-class Hunter

HP … 18000
MP … 6000

Strength … A
Defense … B +
Speed ​​… B +
Magic … C +
Mind … B-
Growth … C
Luck … A +

Skill … Archery 9 · Dismantling 8 · Throwing Technique 8 · Unarmed Technique 7 · Sword Technique 7 · Trap 7 · Endurance 7 · Abnormal Status Resistance 7 · Spear Technique 6 · Axe Technique 6 · Fire Magic 5 · Wind Magic 5 · Water Magic 4 · Cooking 3

Gifts … Divine Protection of the God of Beasts

Name … Mark
Age … 37
Race … Human
Title … Former Adventurer · Hunter

HP … 7000
MP … 1000

Strength … C +
Defense … C –
Speed ​​… B
Magic … D
Mind … C +
Growth … C
Luck … C

Skill … Throwing Technique 7 · Dismantling 7 · Endurance 6 · Archery 6 · Unarmed Technique 5 · Sword Technique 5 · Abnormal Status Resistance 5 · Trap 5 · Cooking 5 · Axe Technique 4 · Fire Magic 4 · Wind Magic 3

Name … Martha
Age … 35
Race … Human
Title … Housewife

HP … 3000
MP … 500

Strength … D
Defense … D
Speed ​​… C-
Magic … E
Mind … B +
Growth … C
Luck … C +

Skill … Cooking 8 · Dismantling 7 · Endurance 6 · Abnormal Status Resistance 4 · Fire Magic 3 · Water Magic 3 · Archery 3 · Trap 2 · Unarmed Technique 2 · Axe Technique 2

So it comes to my mind. The ability value is roughly average at C. The numerical value next to skill is level, the maximum level is 10. It is said that 1 to 3 is beginner, 4 to 6 is intermediate level, 7 to 8 are advanced, 9 is master, and 10 is superhuman. Here, 5 is the average level. However, the level is technical only, there will be a differences in power and effect depending on physical abilities and physical condition.

(Tou-san’s ability is quite high if you look at it like way.)

By the way, the current ability of Temma,

Name … Tenma · Ootori
Age … 3
Race … Human
Title … Favourite Child of the Gods

HP … 500
MP … 2000

Strength … F-
Defense … F
Speed ​​… E-
Magic … C +
Mind … C –
Growth … S
Luck … B

Skill … Throwing Technique 3 – Cooking 3 – Night Vision 3 – Endurance 2 – Dismantling 2 – Fire Magic 2 – Trap 2 – Archery 2 – Sword Technique 1 – Unarmed Technique 1 – Spear Technique 1 – Staff Technique 1 – Axe Technique 1 – All Magic Attributes 1 (6) (Appraisal 10 · Detection 10 · Concealment 10 · Skill Acquisition Enhancement 10 · Household Enhancement 10 · Growth Enhancement 8 · Vitality Enhancement 8 · Recovery Enhancement 8 · Abnormal Status Resistance 8 · Sensory Enhancement 7 · Physical Ability Enhancement 7 · Destruction Enhancement 5 · Magical Power Enhancement 5 · Creation Magic 5 · Enchantment Magic 5 · Destruction Resistance 5 · Instant Death Resistance 5 · Military Arts 5)

Gift … Divine Protection of the Gods

In parentheses, you can hide or tamper with arbitrary titles, abilities and skills due to the of concealment effect. The ability is low is because I am still small. I would like to expect growth in the future.

“Now that I think about it, Mark, what happened with the old man, the “Sage”?”

“I don’t know. He is eccentric, so maybe he changed his mind and stopped returning home?”


Tenma did not have much interest in the content of what Ricardo’s group were talking about, but he would not have thought at this time that this “Sage” would have a big influence later on.

Author Note:
People who possess rare and useful skills like appraisal / detection skills are rare. However, I do not remember it afterwards (except in God who got it with God with appraisal / detection ability). Levels almost are the same as when they are naturally born, they tend to never rise. Except for the reincarnated people, the highest record for appraisal is 7 and detection is 5.
Appraisal skill levels from 1 to 3 show the target’s name, age, and race, 4 to 6 you can see a gift, as well as skills and the brief explanation of skills. From 7 to 8 you can see if they are using concealment (you can not see the level of concealment), from 9 to 10 you will know how they need to use their skills, skill content, and a person’s reputation of the public.
The detection capability is like a radar and it is roughly level x roughly 100 meters up to level 6. Level 7 to 8 has a diameter of 2 to 4 kilometres, level 9 is 5 to 6 kilometres diameter, level 10 is 10 kilometres diameter or more. Easy conditioning can be made at all levels (those with hostile people etc).
You can use the ability of appraisal / detection ability at the same time, you can examine things you have detected by appraisal or you can search for appraised objects with detection ability.

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