Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 1

Chapter 1 – 1 I Have Gotten Parents

My consciousness emerged when sensing that the wind strokes the body.

… Ah, I am awake … From the wind breeze, and I can smell the scent of the plants and the scent of the earth, is this inside the forest…?

Each time the wind blows through, I can hear the sounds of the leaves rustling and dancing in the wind, the sounds of the birds trying to fly in accordance with the wind with their feathers…

When I tried to give up my consciousness again to that comfort….I noticed something wrong.

(It stinks! What is this smell! It is also different from the smell of the beast … The smell is as if someone had not taken a bath for many years…)

When Tenma unintentionally looked towards the direction of where the smell is coming from…there something humanoid wearing a dirty attire with a smile on its face…

(Although it is laughing, no matter how you look at it, it is a face that is pleased from finding prey~)

From about 30 meters away, the humanoid “something” slowly approaches one step at a time.

25 meters remaining… Tenma tries to escape but can not get up as there is no power entering my body.

20 meters remaining… Tenma tries calling for help but could not produce a voice.

15 meters remaining… Looking around, Tenma tries to look for someone but there is no one around. Looking at that, that “something” laughs with a loud voice.

10 meters remaining… I gave up earlier than I cried because I felt resignation more than fear.

5 meters remaining … that “something” is swinging up a club like a log that he had in hand, Tenma stiffly closed his eyes.

(Why did those gods put me in a place where there are such monsters! Do your job! What a terrible story it is to die in a matter of minutes after being reborn!)

While Tenma is cursing the gods in his heart, the movements of monster are not stopping. At the very moment when the monster’s club is swung down, a sound like, hyun~tsu, doshu~tsu, gorogoro, could be heard…….
When Tenma opened his eyes to the absence of any signs of being swayed in one direction from being hit by the club, there was a monster that bore a thick arrow from the middle of his face.

“That was dangerous. I did not think there was a baby in such a place. Just in case, I came to see the situation and I was right to do so.”

From behind Tenma, he heard a voice speaking unfamiliar words, and the owner of that voice lifted Tenma lightly and held him close to his body.
Its identity……was a giant.

“Why were you in such a place? Where is your father or mother?”

The giant speaks with a gentle voice, but Tenma can not understand the words he spoke.

“Maybe it’s an abandoned child, poor thing…… Let’s take it to my village for the time being.”

When the giant murmured something, he put the bow on his back and hugged Tenma gently. Although Tenma who was in a light panic, he decided to keep quiet because the giant seemed to be harmless. …Well it is also because he couldn’t do much beyond moving his body slowly.

“It’s a quiet child. It did not cry even in the presence of a goblin. He may become quite a considerable individual in the future.”

Although the giant was muttering in a slightly happy voice, as always Tenma still did not know what he was saying.

After walking while holding Temma for about one hour, a village became visible in front of me.

“Yoshi, I have arrived. O~i, is anyone here~?”

When the giant raised his voice, a few giants came out together.

“Yoo! Aren’t you rather early. What happened? You said that you will return at night?”

A male giant speaks to to the giant holding me, and a female giant who came from behind noticed me.

“What’s with that child? It’s a lovely child, but you didn’t kidnap it, right?”

The female giant laughs while holding me.

“Don’t be stupid, I helped it when it was being attacked by a goblin in the forest. I tried to search the area, but there was only this child, so it may be an abandoned child, which is why I stopped hunting and came back.”

The giant seemed to be talking to the female giant. A lot of giants gather in the meantime, and while watching it, Tenma,

(Now that I think about it, God said that I would reincarnate as a baby…so rather than a giant but they may be an ordinary human being.)

As I was thinking so, something unfamiliar at the edge of my sight came into my eyes. An ear, more precisely not a human ear, but a beast’s, it’s like a dog’s ears on the head of a man. Some of the people who gathered, not just that man, have beast’s ears as well. Some have drooped of ears dogs and the ears of cats.

(Does a persona like a so-called “beast man” also exist in this world?)

While thing so, it seems like the talks has settled. Tenma was brought to a house that seemed to have belonged to the man who picked him up and a woman who seems to be his wife.

“From today on this is your house, think of me as your mother.”
“Well then, I guess I am the father?”
“Oh yeah, this child, e~tto, what is his name?”
“Do not you find something like a name in the wrapping cloth?”
“Wait a moment. There is! Ootori Temma is written.”
“I do not know if it is his family name or a nobleman, or simply just abandoned, so let’s raise with this name, my best regards!”
“Best regards, Tenma.”

Tenma could not understand what he was saying as usual, but he only understood that at least these two are friendly and that he will grow up together with them.

(I wonder if these two people will become my substitute parents. I’d be happy if they will.)

In his previous life, he lost his parents when he was at a young age, so Tenma has little memory of his parents, so he thanked the gods a little for this.

Author Note
The main part has started. From here I think I will make the story development a little early.

Tenma thought that the goblins were huge monsters and was confused because he was forgetting that he had reincarnated into a baby’s body.

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