Destination of Crybird 36

How Far is the Destination that We are Heading Towards

“By the way, Ars-san. Are you planning to use the materials yourselves?”

“No, I plan to sell all of it.”

“In that case, would you mind if I purchase it from you?”

“Aa, I don’t mind as long as it’s an appropriate price.”

“In that case, we will assess the materials at the Adventurer’s Guild and we will pay 20% of that price. Although, since we don’t have much money on us, we will give up if it’s a staggering price that will cause people’s eyeballs to come out of their sockets.”

“What’s that about people’s eyeballs popping out?”

“Eh, it’s an expression for when people was very surprised…”

“It’s the first time that I have heard that.”

Oops. I talked with the same feeling as when I was in Japan.

“Well, it may be an expression that is not used much.”

I immediately said to deceive him.

“Indeed, it may be surprising for the people in the surroundings when someone’s eyeballs pops out, but the person in question will not be surprised because the pain.”

“It is certainly as you say.”

I will keep it in mind. That if the eyeballs really jumps out, it is not the time to be surprised by the pain.

“I will confirm it just in case, but do monsters of this strength often appear?”

“If they appeared often, my party would have disappeared from the face of the earth long ago.”

“How about rumours?”

“Well, it will be about once in a decade that something like that appears. Ordinarily, if something like that appears, either the nobles, or an A rank adventurer will be hired to subjugate it.”

As I thought, is it the appearance of a normally impossible monster or an abnormal propagation that is increasing the monsters’ numbers? In addition, although it is a story talked from parents, adventurers start with E rank first, and by piling up achievements, their rank is increased. By the way, the highest rank is S, and my father Sarjis is S rank. More importantly, there is something I’m curious about. (TN: The father’s name is now Sarjis because that is what the Katakana says.)

“Are the nobility strong?”

“Most of the nobles are those who are appointed due to a person who has achieved a meritorious deed in combat if they trace their origins. It is easy to inherit the genes of being gifted in regards to combat, so the more powerful individuals will be married with each other. So to speak, it’s like the nobles are born to fight. Even in regards to the heir, it is common for the successor to be the strongest one among the children, so the nobles send everyday training from the time of their childhood brat, like you.”

It seems that Ars is misunderstanding something. Certainly, my behaviour is polite and I spent everyday training, so I understand why he is having such a misunderstanding.

“I will say it so that you don’t misunderstand, we are genuinely the children of commoners. We grew up as a children of hired guards at a remote pioneering village, so we don’t have any inheritable land to cultivate. Since there was nothing to help out with, there was plenty of time for training and my parents also taught us. Since I knew that I had to be independent, I worked hard.”

“I thought that you were not a farmer’s child, so that’s what it is.”

It seems that Ars was convinced of my origins. However, I didn’t know that nobles were receiving Spartan education in such a severe world. There was the matter of abolishing Collette village and making the villagers slaves, so there were only disgusting images of nobles. However, to avoid dividing the military force to defend the remote pioneering village, that would obviously be raided again, so perhaps that was the only way to do this. Liber-san was used as a disguise to cover up the failure of pioneer village. I don’t think there was a need to enslave the villagers, so I don’t like nobles after all.

Stripping off the materials was completed while we were speaking. By the way, the Metal Ogre that buried in the ground was raised by Earth attribute magic.

“Then let’s depart, if we take too long we won’t make it in time for the next town.”

Roy gives the command, and the caravan departs.

“You were saying that you wanted to buy the materials, but are you going to use it for something?”

While walking, Ars starts to talk to me again.

“Well, if you use magic, you can’t make quick movements no matter what, so I’m afraid of projectile weapons that can directly aim at the rear guard, while ignoring the vanguard. I think that if I had a mantle made using this hide, it seems like it can easily repel something like an arrow. Although I haven’t decided on what to use the horns and magic stone for, I would like to keep it because it isn’t something that can be obtained so easily, but I will sell it if I am troubled with money. More importantly, I would like to be able to handle standard weapons so I would appreciate it if I could train with everyone during the trip.”

“Isn’t fine if you can handle a single weapon that you’re proficient at?”

“I am seeking that single weapon that I am proficient at.”

Actually, when the total skill level becomes 100, the Unique skill 「Prodigy」 will evolve into 「Natural Talent」, so I’d like to acquire various skills for the time being. Rather than raise the level from 1 to 2, it is faster to learn new skills.

“Well, I don’t mind if they say that they’re fine with it. Is it for free?”

“Even though we are comrades-in-arms who fought together, what a greedy person. In addition, the other members of the 「Caravan’s Shields」 wouldn’t think of taking money from such a cute and innocent child.”

“You’re not cute, and neither are you innocent.”

“What are you saying to Midia! Midia is crying.”

“Gusu, you’re terrible, all of you Oji-chans.” (TN: For those you don’t know, gusu is supposed to be a sound effect for crying)

Midia starts an act that obviously looks like she is crying fake tears.

“These two are altogether so annoying.”

“Yoshiyoshi, I understand, Midia.” (TN: When you are comforting someone who is crying)

I pretend to talk to Midia while stroking her head over her hat.

“Midia is saying that she will forgive you if you train us for free, but what will you do?”

“Aa, I understand. You damn brats.”

Ars replies as if he were shouting. It would have been good if you had been honest and agreed to teach us for free from the beginning.

“Well calm down, I don’t mind leader. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if this guy didn’t cast Holy magic.”

The mace-user member said to Ars while appeasing him.

“Well then, please take care of me. As expected, I am tired today, so be sure to inform me of your vacant time from tomorrow onward.”

It was decided that I would be taught the basics and form of club arts and spear arts.

We managed to get to the next lodging town by sunset, and when I calmly checked my status and allocated the status for the level up.

Name: Larcus · Crybird
Age: 11
Job: Warrior
Level: 12
Experience Points: 5893

(Ability value)
HP: 100/100
MP: 472/472
Strength: 120/120
Stamina: 100/100
Agility: 100/100
Dexterity: 63/63
Spirit: 215/215

(Magic Attribute) All


Calculation Ability 3
Negotiation 2
Biology 2
Botany 2
Composition Writing 2
Science 1
Management 1
Multiple Languages ​​1
Crafting 1
Agriculture 1
Housekeeping 1
Cooking 1
Compounding 1

Short Sword Technique 1
Sword Technique 1
Archery 1
Unarmed Combat Technique 1
Shield Technique 1

Magic Perception 2
Magic Manipulation 3
Magic Invocation Shortening 1
Magic Power Consumption Decrease 1
Enchantment Magic 1
Earth Attribute Magic 2
Water Attribute Magic 2
Fire Attribute Magic 3
Wind Attribute Magic 2
Dark Attribute Magic 3
Light Attribute Magic 2

Appraisal 4
Presence Detection 1
Stealth 1
Night Vision 1
Commanding 1

Status Management

It seems that the Metal Ogre was worth nearly 3000 Experience Points, and my level is increased by two. The skill level for 「Fire Attribute Magic」 was effective, 「Magic Manipulation 3」, and other skills have increased respectively.

In addition, I have newly acquired the 「Commanding」 skill.

Special Skill Commanding 1

The ability values of those under command’s HP and MP increases by 5%. If you lose consciousness while activating command skills, the spirit value of those who receive command decreases by 50.


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