Destination of Crybird 35


Fortunately, the swordsman who injured his arm, as well as the mace user who was blown away don’t have any major injuries, and they have already recovered with my holy magic. Since the mace user didn’t seem to even twitch, I was worried but it seemed to be a simple concussion. Currently, everyone is sitting down and taking a break.

“Boy, no, Larcus and Midia, you saved us. If it were not for you two we would have been annihilated.”

Ars expresses his gratitude towards us.

“The feeling is mutual. If there is no vanguard, mages are a powerless existence. We were fortunate that you guys were escorting.”

“Fun, when we were fighting, you were talking to us without any honorific expression and ordering us around, and now you’re using honorifics.”

“That’s because I don’t have such leeway to do that while in combat. This is how it actually is.”

“Well whatever, the instructions were accurate. However, you have really battle experience at that age. I thought you were going to die when the Ogre broke through the vanguard and towards you.”

“Right now, since Midia and I are travelling, there is no vanguard, so I’m filling in the role temporarily on occasion.”

“Like you would be able to make such movements as someone who is just substituting temporarily.”

“Of course, I have been training since I was a small child.”

“What kind of livelihood did you live to be able to use holy magic, use the sword, and instruct party members accurately at that age?”

“I’ve only made an effort and worked hard. At my hometown I was being called the “Hardworking Devil”.

“Totally. A certain, precise, and merciless strategy was really like a devil.”

“Well, I will accept it as a compliment.”

When Ars-san replied while making a delicate expression, Midia interrupts the conversation.

“Nii-san is a kind person, he isn’t something like a devil.”

“I know. A devil will not heal his companions with holy magic after all.”

Ars replies to Midia.

“Well then, let’s end the break here and strip the materials”

I reacted to the casual words that Ars said.

“Wait a moment. Roy-san had certainly said that the person who defeats the monster gains the ownership of the materials and the magic stone. Since I am the one that defeated it, are you fine with me taking everything? Thank you very much for helping in the stripping of the materials.”

Surely it is only natural. I tried saying it with such a feeling…

“Wait a moment! No matter what, isn’t taking everything too much. We were standing at the vanguard with our lives on the line. With the equipment broken, we will be in the red as it is.”

Chi, it was useless after all.

“It’s certainly kind of pitiful to be in the deficit. Auton-san, with such a formidable foe appearing and all the cargo are intact without any loss. Don’t you think it’ natural that you should give a bonus to the heroes of “Caravan’s Shield” who protected everyone here? At a minimum, you should compensate for the broken equipment. I think that you should also request to be escorted by the “Caravan’s Shield” when returning. Like this is the escort are quite pitiful.”

“Although you have a point there…”

Although Roy tries to say something, but I ignore it and further add.

“I guess it’s going to make a big fuss if the materials of this big-shot is brought into town. When that happens, what will the heroes who have defeated this guy say? “We cannot afford to defeat such big-shots anymore. The equipment has become tattered and the employer, Auton Company whose cargo was protected by defeating such a big-shot doesn’t give any compensation. Or will it be something like this? “Leave it to us the next time there is a big-shot. Although,our equipment has become tattered, thanks to the generous Auton Company it was able to be renewed, because the Auton Company are always on the Heroes’ side”. Which story is going to be rumoured in the next town, Roy-san?”

“Aaah, I understand already. I will at least prepare your equipment.”

Roy exclaims while scratching his hair. I wonder If I said too much.

“Jokes aside.”

“That was a joke?”

Everyone’s heart became one, and it was beautifully harmonious. It is a good thing to unite our hearts together and achieving one thing together after all.

“Roy-san, this is going to be a good advertisement. When this rumour has flowed into town, think about who you would like to buy from if you have the same price as other businesses.”

“I really can’t hold a candle to you. Are you really sure you don’t want to work in the Auton Company?”

His face is smiling, but his eyes are not smiling.

“For now, I’m planning to become an adventurer in the future.”

“Is that so? That’s a shame.”

He had mostly likely foresaw the answer from the beginning. Roy doesn’t seem to be all that disappointed.

It’s fine now with the Auton Company. Well then, from here is the real thing.

“Well then, Ars-san. I have taken care of the problem regarding the equipment, so I wonder if it’s fine with all the materials being mine?”

“That, and this another problem!”

“Fuu, from a little while ago, Ars-san has just only been shouting. A leader must always be calm in order to fulfil his role.”

“That’s because you only say things that make me yell at you!”

That’s a false accusation as a matter of fact. It’s Ars-san who just shouts by himself. However, even if I play more than this (ah, my real intention came out) Since there’s no other way, I will try to find a point of compromise.

“I understand. Then let’s discuss calmly. So, Roy-san, what is the degree of contribution of Midia and I, and “Caravan’s shield”?”

“U〜n, I guess, it’s about 7 to 3. First of all, it’s magic that dealt any proper damage. It’s clear that the mace user and archer were not able to contribute much as fighting strength, and additionally, the Ogre has broke through the vanguard once. If it were ordinary mages, it isn’t strange that they would have been dead at point. However, it was brilliant when the vanguard nailed the Ogre down to prevent it from moving until the earth magic was invoked.”

Roy states his evaluation of battle.

“My self-evaluation was 8 to 2, but it is probably a reasonable compromise. Is there any objection?”

“No, it’s probably something like that. Certainly, our attacks didn’t deal any proper damage to it.”

Ars who has regained his composure, calmly answers.

“And one more point, Ars-san and his party alone wouldn’t have been able to obtain an agreement that would allow them to receive brand new equipment from the Auton Company, which we will take into consideration.”

“Aaah I understand, you damn brat. It certainly would have been impossible for us, how about 8 to 2?”

“Business negotiations are established.”

I hold out my hand with smile and to shake hands with Ars. Ars also reached out and shook hands while looking reluctant.

“That’s not the hand of brat. Just how much did you swing a sword?”

“That’s why I said, “I worked hard enough to be called the Hardworking Devil”.”

“Fun, so there is also a devil with a high calculation ability.”

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