Destination of Crybird 34

Ogre of Steel

A week has passed since we departed for the kingdom. At the moment we are doing well without being affected by the attacks of monsters. I liked travelling quite a bit since my previous life. Especially seeing the unfamiliar flora and fauna, as well as the landscapes while we walk relaxes my mind. Although we keep walking all day long, but since Midia(TN: The little elf stepsister will now be Midia) and I have raised our levels, we have much more physical strength than the adults around, so we can keep up without any problems.

On the way, I was taught about the state of the kingdom and the situation in the country and abroad. According to the story, it seems that there have been several abandonment of villages recently because the attacks of monsters did not stop in the remote villages. I had too much of an idea about this story so I asked the adventurer’s leader Ars about it. By the way, adventurers are all members of an escort specialised party with an easy to understand name “Caravan’s shield” led by Ars. This name is a profitable name as merchants will soon remember them.

“Around where are what kind of monsters are attacking?”

“There seems to be a large amount of monsters such as goblins and orcs appearing from the west side of the Ikeya River and the forest of Beastkin in the northeast. Especially in the west side of the Ikeya River, there are already a few villages that have been destroyed. Development in that area was also working with the kingdom giving aid, but there is a rampant rumour that they may withdraw it.”

“Is that so? I know some villages on the west coast of the Ikaya River, do you know where the devastation occurred?”

“No, I don’t you remember as far as the name of the village.”

I didn’t know that there are other villages were destroyed. Even if I knew, it wouldn’t have been possible to make any counter-measures. It would only cause confusion, perhaps the information might have been controlled.

“That’s scary, are the movements of the Demons getting active?”

“Ha ha ha, there is no way that has happened. If the Demons come attacking, the kingdom would be in an uproar.”

“Are Demons that strong?”

“It is said that for any small fry Demons, it would require the power of at least five beginner adventurers.”

Since I don’t know much about how competent beginner adventurers are, I am not sure what to make of it as it doesn’t feel quite real.

“How strong are beginner adventurers?”

“Their level is roughly 2 or 3, and there is one or two skills that can be used for combat.”

It seems that the Demons are not too strong overall. I won’t talk about it since it’s troublesome, but I have already repulsed one before.

“Then, how strong is a powerful Demon?”

“You are asking about demons quite persistently… Since I have never encountered any demons before, so I only know them as legends. It seems there is Demon Duke that has destroyed a battalion alone, and several Demons felled a castle overnight. I only know such vague stories. Demons are long-lived, however you don’t need to worry because they are few in number.”

The armies of this continent are often made up of 10 soldiers in a squad, with 5 squads, a platoon of 50 soldiers gathered together. With 5 platoons, a battalion 250 soldiers is gathered, 4 battalions are gathered, consisting of 1000 soldiers making a regiment. If it is about 250 people, although it may not be possible to annihilate them with large-scale magic, it should be possible to defeat them. At the very least, it is not at a level where humans absolutely cannot win. After all, in reality the Demons are actually being driven to the remote areas.

While occasionally engaging in such conversations while walking, Kai, who is an adventurer with the scout role issues a warning.

“The talking ends here. There’s something coming from the forest in front of us on the left side. Be careful.

The expression of Ars turns into a serious one.

“How many are there, Kai?”

“There is only one, but don’t let your guard down. This one’s big.”

I have yet to grasp anything with “presence detection” skill. Kai’s “presence detection” is above 2, so that means it is over 2 levels above mine.

“Around here, if you talk of big things, it’s either an Arachne or an Ogre. It would be the worst if it’s an Ogre.”

Ars kindly and thoroughly sets up a flag for us.

“Move the horse-drawn carriage to the sea side and keep it a little away. You guys form a line and don’t let the monster go to the carriage. Secure a place to fight at distance far enough away from the forest.”

Ars gives instructions to his party members. Toward the Kingdom, the sea on the right side, on the left side 20 Lee (36 m) away is a forest.

“Should we help as well?”

“No, you two will stay with the carriage, as there is a possibility of being attacked by other monsters.”

I suggested so to Ars, but it is rejected. There certainly does exist the possibility, so I obediently stay back with Midia.

Once they formed a line, the monster soon appeared.

“An Ogre huh. Moreover, this is a higher species. This is even worst than I imagined.”

The muttering of Ars is carried by the wind and I hear it.

Certainly, this guy seems to be pretty bad. The size exceeds 2 Lee, and from his head, there are extremely thick horns that are lightly exceeding 20 Leek (about 36 cm). Looking at the arms and feet that are like logs that are swollen with muscles, there seems to be quite the instantaneous power even with that massive frame. The most important feature is that its skin that emits a dull metallic lustre. It seems difficult to inflict damage to this Ogre that is covered with a whole body of muscle and metal armour.

I tried using the “Appraisal” skill to the Ogre.

Since “Appraisal” is always in use, it is now level 4.

Race: Metal Ogre
Age: 6
Level: 12
Experience points: 6733
(Ability value)
HP: 8293/8293
MP: 107/107
Strength: 357/357
Stamina: 893/893
Agility: 83/83
Dexterity: 67/67
Spirit: 23/23

(Magic attribute)

Club Technique 2

Water Attribute Resistance 1
Earth Attribute Resistance 1
Wind Attribute Resistance 3
Physical Resistance 3
Strength Enhancement 2
Stamina enhancement 2

Steel Skin

Indeed, it is a status suitable for calling it a monster. You can never win if you challenge it from the front. In the first place, are there any means of attacks that can break through its metal armour in the present situation?

“Nii-san, your complexion is bad, are you okay?”

“I used the “appraisal” skill, but it’s a total monster. It has resistances for physical attacks and attribute magic other than fire. Perhaps, for Ars and his party who do not have a mage will not be able to inflict damage upon it. We’re going as well.”

“I understand.”

After hearing Midia’s reply, next I talk to Roy Auton who put together the caravan.

“As you have heard, it seems anything except fire magic has little effect on it. We can use fire attribute magic, so we will go and assist them.”

“I also used “appraisal”, but I couldn’t tell much about it. What level is yours?”

“Level 4.”

“What? How about being hired by our business?”

“Something like that is a story for after we have overcome this! Let’s go, Midia.”

When I thought about it, I didn’t need permission because I was not hired by these people. Since our lives are at stake, I will be doing whatever I want.

An adventurer using a bow shoots an arrow at the Metal Ogre, but although the arrow hit the Ogre, it was easily repelled and couldn’t do any damage.


The Metal Ogre releases a war cry while it glares this way in a straight line.


The adventurer with the bow raises a pathetic voice. Although it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings, but you will only die if you give up here.

“Don’t falter! You cannot inflict damage to it just by attacking normally, aim for its eyes and mouth! It will keep it in check even if you don’t hit it.”

“Sorry, I understand.”

I call out to the bow user. If you present what you should do, people will unexpected not lose their calm.

The fight against the Metal Ogre has already begun on the front line. “Caravan’s Shield” is made up of six people, the rear guard archer, the middle guard scout and spear user, and for the vanguard, two swordsmen, an axe user, and a mace user.

The mace user seems to be the only one that can damage it, but perhaps due to its weight it can not be moved quickly, as he is not able to get close to the Metal Ogre that wields its club. Somehow I want him to get into the bosom and inflict damage to the Ogre, but that seems to be difficult with the level of mace user. Ars is able to attack, but the attacks with the sword has poor compatibility and only gives damage to the degree of cutting the skin shallowly. Even if he can attack this way, the sword is going to become useless first.

“Damn, it’s hard.”

“Leader, isn’t this quite a bad situation?”

“That doesn’t mean we can run away!”

At the moment when Ars shouted, Midia’s and my fire attribute magic attacks the Metal Ogre.

“Kid, I told you back off.”

“I think that there are no other means of damaging him other than fire magic, so I came to help.”

The Metal Ogre raised a suffering groan and seems to have received damage. While watching the situation, Ars thanks us.

“However, I am saved.”

I again use “appraisal” to check the amount of damage it has received.

(Its HP has decreased by only 300)

The Metal Ogre has about 8,300 HP. Since Midia and I alone are the only two people who can use fire magic, if it is 150 damage each, we need to repeat it about 55 times with a simple calculation. With this, both our MP and physical strength won’t hold out.

“No! It hasn’t been dealt much damage, don’t let your guard down!”

The Metal Ogre rushed towards us who damaged it while raising a war cry.


“Midia, get back.”

With this, I don’t have time to concentrate my mind to release magic. I take a stance with my sword. The mace user who tried to stop the rushing Metal Ogre is blown away.

(This cannot properly make an opponent. Even if I can somehow keep a distance and accumulate damage by releasing magic once again, this side would eventually exhaust itself first. Isn’t there another way?

The Metal Ogre will be here soon. The abdomen around where the magic struck seems to be discoloured and melting. Releasing a slash there during the opening of the Metal Ogre’s wide swing. As I thought, it seems that only there it is becoming soft.

“Everyone, aim for the place where the magic hit! The skin has melted and has soften.”

Metal Ogre suffered under my attack. Damage was definitely given, but it was blocked by another armour that is its thick muscles for it to hurt the internal organs, far from giving it fatal injuries. Since it’s covered with that skin, usually there will be no opportunity to feel pain. It still feels hurt and groans in pain. I take distance again and leave the vanguard to Ars and his party.

Ars boldly closed the distance, and then attacked the discoloured abdomen. This time he is finally able to deal a decent blow, and blood sprays out from the Metal Ogre.

“Yoshi! It’s working!”

Everyone’s morale rises due to the words of Ars, and further attacks are released, but Metal Ogre fights while protecting its weak points, so they don’t easily land. Again, attacks landed onto the abdomen, but in lieu of joy, the moan of despair is heard.

“Its skin has already healed.”

Midia’s fire attribute magic explodes as though to blow away the groan. However, it would be difficult to damage the Metal Ogre if it only protects that part.

(Damn, the dark attribute magic is still uncontrollable. I don’t know if I can penetrate that skin even with magic, and in the case it doesn’t work, I won’t be able to move so it’s useless, as the risk is too great. Isn’t there another way. If I can just stop its movements……)

So, I came up with a very simple strategy.

“Midia, a pitfall. Make a pitfall with earth attribute magic, then I will solidify around it. Can you do it?”

“Yes, Nii-san.”

“Ars, from now on we will make a pitfall under that Ogre with the magic of the earth attribute, so keep it from moving away from there while we are concentrating.”

“You make it sound as if it’s easy.”

After listening to Ars’s reply and I concentrated so that I can release the earth attribute magic right after Midia.

It is a long 30 seconds for Ars. While avoiding the Metal Ogre’s attacks at close range, they attack the joints and parts that were softened by the fire attribute magic from previous time that are in bad shape. The other swordsman of Ars’s party gets get by the thick arms of the Metal Ogre. Although his important organs did not seem to be damaged, he makes 2 rotations in he air as he is blown away. Not missing the opening that appeared immediately after attacking, Ars thrusts his sword into the softened skin.

When its movements ceased for a moment, the pitfalls made by Midia’s earth attribute magic were completed and from the Metal Ogre’s chest and below disappeared into the hole. In the place where it’s struggling to get out, the hole is buried by my earth attribute magic this time. Looking around, the swordsman who got blown away managed to get up somehow with his arms dangling loosely. However, after getting this far, we have essentially won.

“I’m sorry, but I will need you to work a bit more. I want Ars and co to keep it from getting out from that.”

“Fuu, you are a boy who uses people roughly. So, how do we are we supposed to stop it?”

“Move around behind and release fire magic at its neck and let’s go to the place where the skin becomes soft and attack it. In preparation for cases where it is impossible to penetrate with a sword, Midia will also release magic from the front, as once it’s attacked from behind, its attention will be drawn away, so it’s possible to attack the eyes and mouth.”

“In that case, you will certainly be able to win.”

“Don’t let your guard down until the end. It can easily kill people with just the power of its upper body.”

After lightly warning Ars, I went around behind it and started concentrating. When Level 3 dark attribute magic was shot at Goblins, although I think it was for about 3 seconds, but I could certainly sustain and release magic. Is it possible with other attributes, or is it because it’s level 3 that I was able to do so? I will pass a little more magical power than usual through the chakra, and while running necessary magical powers to the chakra and not finishing, I’m moving the magical power to the palm (magic can only be released from the palm of the hand), I will cast magic while imagining it to be able to keep running, while refining the magical power of the fire attribute.

“Take this!”

I aim at the Metal Ogre’s neck and release fire magic.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The flame lasted for 5 seconds. The Metal Ogre moves rampantly (even if I say that, the upper body is almost immovable, and it is in a state where it can only move about its neck) but naturally it cannot avoid it, and continues to raise a scream of agony.

When I finish casting magic, I pull out the sword and run towards below the Metal Ogre in a straight line. Midia’s magic explodes there, and the Metal Ogre stiffens for a moment. Without missing the opening, I pierced the sword deeply into the neck. It displayed its strong life force and quivered for a while, but eventually it lowered his neck and completely breathed its last.

And, cheers reverberated around us.

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