Destination of Crybird 36 part 1

How Far is the Destination that We are Heading Towards

I will release Destination of Crybird in parts from now on as each chapter is quite long, too the extent that I start losing to will to continue part way through. It takes me so long to translate this series for some reason. Anyway, from now on, I will mark the split between parts within the chapter with —–

Again, point out any mistakes. Help me fix as well.

Isekai Tensei no Boukensha 1 – 5

Chapter 1 – 5 The Sage’s Arrival

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Also, please correct any grammar, and the like for this series as well as Destination of Crybird. Why not Books to Dominate Married Women as well, you ask? That is simply because unless my Japanese is just horrible than it is the Raws that are not very good. It is not that I am euphamising it, it is simply that the author does not use words with ero in it, like male instrument, or male tool. It’s like the author is trying to write erotica without using words specific to erotica.