Books to Dominate Married Women 8

♂Female Teacher and Friend

“Gucho~tsu, jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu” “an~tsu, ūn ~tsu” “I truly thank you for your mediation between Sensei and I, Akira-kun♪.”

In a room of a love hotel in a neighbouring town, a male student who is my friend, thanked me happily while embracing our homeroom teacher.

“No, you don’t need to mind it.”

“Jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, guchu~tsu” “unn ~tsu, a ha~tsu” “What a nice guy you are, Akira-kun♪.”

When I tried to see if the effect of “Book of Dominating Married Women”, but it showed great effect on the female teacher who is a married wife that is living separately from hr husband. Sensei living separately is concerning because if a divorce is established with her husband who is cheating and living separately, because at that moment the “Book of Dominating Married Women”‘s power has the danger of losing its effect. So, I decided to abstain from having a physical relationship with the teacher and left her to my friend who had longing for the beauty of the teacher.

“Zunyu~tsu, guchu~tsu, jupu” “Ever since I left that person, it has been a while since the last time so I am glad to have you who is a student as a partner like this♪” “Se-Sensei, that makes me happy♪”

I talked with the homeroom teacher during the school’s lunch break time at the student guidance room alone. It seems that the teacher did not hate the existence of a student who was my friend who was sending a hot gaze to Sensei who stands on the teacher’s lectern with longing since long ago. It had amplified the feeling of the teacher’s slight favour towards him and further stimulated the sexual frustration of the married woman who is living separately….

Guchu~tsu, jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu” “Ah, that’s good. I can not bear the waist movements of my younger student that is like a wild beast . Hey, you will be my partner every day from now on, right?” “Yes, Sensei. I will be glad to serve as a Sensei’s partner everyday.”

In this way, it has finished like this.

“Jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, guchu~tsu” “Akira-kun, are not you excited when you see us like this? “I certainly think that it is as the teacher says.”

As their bodies overlapped and collided, they look at me who was in the room of a love hotel filled with a rich aroma of semen and love juice.

“Actually, I had a nice night last night. Perhaps tonight I will probably have a good evening as well.”

“Zunyu~tsu, guchu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “Ara, so that’s why?” “So Akira-kun isn’t inconvenienced with women.”

I nod towards the two people sweating from their whole body and intersecting.

“Ee, that’s how it is. I will be excusing myself now. I will see you again at school tomorrow.”

“Guchu~tsu, jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu””Ee, Akira-kun. Take care when going home.””I will never forget this favour, Akira-kun.”

When I smiled and nodded to the two people, I left behind the love hotel where sticky sounds echoed.

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