Books to Dominate Married Women 6

♂Married Woman’s Second Orgasm

“Guryu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “yura~tsu, tayun~tsu”


I pushed my hips up against the wet genital of Asami-san, a married woman in her 30s, who straddles me, a 20-year-old boy who is erect and in the cowgirl postion. Asami-san’s soft body moves in tandem with the movement of my waist, as Amami’ s rich breast showed a sensational movement above me.

“Zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu, guryu~tsu” “tayun~tsu, yura~tsu”

“While I am tasting Asami-san’s ripe female genitalia, can Asami-san squeeze your rich breasts yourself?”

Asami-san whose eyes shine with the expectation of the pleasure that the second orgasm brings tonight, that is brought about by my ejaculation inside her vagina, nod to my words with a smile.

“Yes, Akira-kun♪”

I also smiled to Asami-san’s smile, and I concentrated my consciousness again on the pleasures that Asami-san’s married ripe female genitalia of my neighbour’s wife.

“Juryu~tsu, gunyuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu” “momi~tsu, muni~tsu, munyu~tsu” “ān ~tsu♪”

As I pushed against Asami-san’s female genitalia which was dampened by the secretion of a lot of love juice from the vaginal wall, Asumi-san massages her rich breasts while rubbing her breasts as if to show it to me who is at the bottom of the cowgirl position.

“Gunyuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu, juryu~tsu” “muni~tsu, munyu~tsu, momi~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, rero~tsu”

When Asami-san, a married woman who is combining with my male instrument in cowgirl position, brings her rich breast to my mouth from above me, I see an erect nipple at the tip of her breast.

“Zuchuu~tsu, juryu~tsu, gunyuu~tsu” “munyu~tsu, momi~tsu, muni~tsu” “rero~tsu, chupu~tsu”

With movements that can be done because it is the owner of a 30 year old married woman who is ripe and soft, Asami-san moves her hip along my erect genital in the cowgirl position, showing me movements as if playing with her rich breasts. It is giving me the urge as a teenage boy to ejaculate.

“Juryu~tsu, gunyuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu” “momi~tsu, muni~tsu, munyu~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, rero~tsu” “kyuu~tsu”

Against me who does not seem to ejaculate no matter how intense of a movement Asami-san makes, the insides of the vaginal wall of Asami-san’s wet female genitals squeeze and tighten as if pleading for my semen.

“Do you want me to do ejaculate inside Asami-san’s wet genitals so much?”

Asami-san, the older wife, as if she could no longer bear it, lowered her head while moistening her eyes.

“Yes, Akira-kun. I can no longer bear it anymore. I want Akira-kun’s hot semen in me.”

I am fully satisfied by Asami-san who has the face of a female, as satisfies my desire to control as a male. With the woman before my eyes saying she wants me to ejaculate inside her, I was taken over by the instinctive impulse of a male as a I thrust my hips.

“Gui~tsu, zun~tsu, jupuu~tsu” “ā~tsu”

I suddenly leave it to instinct, and the use of my waist became a rough movement. Asami-san seems to have reached it lightly.

“Zuryuu~tsu, juchuu~tsu, gunyuu~tsu” “a~tsu, wa a~tsu”

Without giving Asami-san any time to rest, I thrust with rough movements, leaving it to instinct, as I pierce and reach the depths of the vagina of the female before me.

“I will pour in the things that Asami-san wanted.”

“Zuzun~tsu. Dopyuu~tsu” “a~tsu, ā~tsu, ku~tsu, kuru, ki chau ̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄ ~tsu” “bikun~tsu, bikun~tsu, bikunbbikun~tsu, bikunbbikun~tsu, bikunbbikun~tsu”


It seems that Asami-san’s second orgasm tonight gave Asami-san, a married woman in her 30s, more pleasure than the first orgasm. Asami-san’s vagina wall of genitalia tried to squeeze out the semen until the last drop from my male genital who performed an ejaculation in the vagina.

“A~tsu…”“fura~tsu” “o tto” “fuwasa~tsu”

Asami who has lost consciousness as her orgasm receded, fell on top of me as I gently receive Asami-san’s soft body as we are still connected in the cowgirl position. Put the body of Asami who is convulsing the body sweating from her whole body on my chest.

“It was wonderful, Asami-san♪”

I whisper so to Asami-san who is losing consciousness. I stroked Asami-san’s disarrayed hair and gently kissed her forehead.

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