Books to Dominate Married Women 5

♂Married Woman in the Woman on Top Position

“Kupaa~tsu, nyuryu~tsu, zupupu~tsu” “A~tsu, ufu~tsu”

With the tongue technique of Asami-san, a married woman in her 30s, my male genital that is erect for the third time. Asami-san straddles over me, who is lying on my back on the bed, leads me to her female genital, that is spread open by Asami-san’s fingers, and is getting wet with the expectation for orgasm.

“A~tsu, n ~tsu. Then I will be moving now, Akira-kun.”

I nodded while looking at Asami-san ‘s face with a smile in the cowgirl position.

“Ee, please do so, Asami-san♪”

Asama also smiles and lowers her waist towards me. Since she began to slowly move her hips, I also attached both hands to Asami-san’s waist so that the joining part between me and Asami-san will not come out.

“Nuryu~tsu, jupu~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

“I have already ejaculated semen into Asami-san’s ripe female genital twice this evening. The feeling of the inside of the vaginal wall of Asami-san is humid and I think it is wonderful♪”

To my words, Asami-san blushed her face and lowered her head.

“It has been a while for me, so I’m happy that you can continue and ejaculate inside♪”

Asami-san’s husband is on a long business trip. Meanwhile, Asami-san has only spent one evening at the hotel once with a former classmate who reunited with her at a high school reunion. It seems that as a married woman, Asami, who has a ripe female body in her 30s, has accumulated a lot of sexual frustration.

“Jupu~tsu, kuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu” “yura~tsu, tayun~tsu”

“Although it seems that the cowgirl position is your favourite as you had said, Asami-san, because I can watch how Amami-san’s breast shake on top of me every time she moves her hips, I also like the cowgirl positon♪”

When I speak while looking at how the rich breasts of Asami-san sway, Asama-san also smiles.

“I can talk while having sex, so I like the cowgirl position♪”

It seems that Asami-san likes to enjoy conversation even during sexual activity.

“Kuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “tayun~tsu, yura~tsu” “a~tsu, un ~tsu”

Tonight, when I ejaculated inside her vagina once, Asami-san has reached sexual climax, so she seem to be feeling sensitive.

“From now on I will embrace you until Asami-san is satisfied, so let’s have fun from now on.”

Straddled me who is a younger teenage boy in the cowgirl position, Asami-san, a 30-year-old wife who is shaking her hip, told me with a full smile.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Please satisfy me♪”

Un. In this way, with Asami-san who is a married wife of a neighbour, before your husband who goes out on long business trips, doing sexual acts while enjoying a conversation on a marital bed that a couple would have used for nightly activities. A sense of immorality joining, my male instrument also wanted to ejaculate semen again.


I put my hands around the waist of Asami-san, who is a 30-year-old married woman with moderate roundness, and I firmly fix it with both hands.

“I will also start moving from my side as well, Asami-san.”

Asami-san who is reliving her sexual frustration, let her eyes shine with expectations for my ejaculation insider her that will bring her to sexual climax.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Please move as you please and satisfy me♪”

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