Books to Dominate Married Women 4

♂Married Wife’s Tongue Technique

“Nchu~tsu, rero~tsu, chupu~tsu”

Un. Asami-san’s tongue use, who is a thirty year old married wife and spends the night at the hotel with a man other than her husband is good as expected.

“Juru~tsu, kuchu~tsu, nku~tsu”

In this way I also taste the mouth of the neighbour’s married woman Asami-san’s tongue, I can taste an immoral pleasure.


As I pulled my tongue out of Asami-san’s mouth, Asami-san had a slightly disappointed expression.

“Asami-san’s tongue technique is quite wonderful, you know? Next, my ejaculated semen and the love juice secreted from the vaginal wall of Asami-san are mixed and adhering. Could you take my male genital in your mouth and clean it?”

Asami-san smiled towards me.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Gladly♪”

Compared to the first time, it seems that Asami-san’s expression has become accompanied by a feeling natural brightness. Through the influence of “Book of Dominating Married Women”, Asami-san will listen to whatever I say. Even so, when I induce Asami-san to enjoy myself, her affection for me seems to increase.


When I pull out my male instrument from inside the wet and ripened vagina of Asami-san, Asami-san stared at my male instrument with pleasure.

“Akira-kun’s is bigger than my husband♪”

I think that it is a compliment of the usual means for women to please men. Still, Asami-san who is a married woman said to me that I am bigger than her husband. It can really satisfy your self-esteem as a man ♪.

“Thank you very much, Asami-san♪. Then, put in your mouth.”

Asmai-san nodded to me with a smile.

“Yes, Akira-kun. I will serve you♪”

Un. It seems that Asami-san enjoys it without acting. By having once led her to orgasm, it seems that sexual intercourse with me has been imprinted into Asami-san that is gives her pleasure.

“Kapu~tsu, rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

In this way, when Asami-san, a married wife next door, made my male genital that ejaculated in her vagina clean with her mouth and tongue, it will really satisfy the desire to control as a man♪.

“Nchu~tsu, chupu~tsu, juryu~tsu”

After all, the married woman’s tongue use is good. As Asami-san licks the underside of my male genital, I think there are different comfort levels with pleasure compared to when inserting into the female genitalia.

“Rero~tsu, tsun~tsu, chubu~tsu” “u~tsu, n…”

When Asami-san licks the tip of my genital with her tongue and stimulates the urethra of my male genital, I let out a groaned from the pleasure.

“Nku~tsu, kuchu~tsu, rero~tsu” “muku~tsu, mukuku~tsu”

Yup. My teenage male genitalia experienced its third erection this evening because it was stimulated by the tongue skill of Asami-san, a married woman in her 30s.

“Asami-san. Does Asami-san have a favourite position? Next, I will lead you to sexual climax with Asami-san’s favourite position.”

“Chubo~tsu, nuraa~tsu”

Asami-san serviced me with her mouth when I became erect. While wetting her mouth with saliva, semen and love juice, she stares at my face with a face full of expression.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Next, can we have sex with me on top and lead me to sexual climax, Akira-kun?”

I smiled towards Asami-san, a married woman in her 30’s that has her eyes glittering with anticipation.

“Ee, Asami-san. Next we will have sex with you on top and I will make Asami-san orgasm♪”

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