Books to Dominate Married Women 3

♂A Married Women in her 30s

“Fū ~tsu,-fū ~tsu,-fū…”

After ejaculating in the married Asami-san’s ripe 30-year-old vagina, I have finally calmed down a little.

“Asami-san’s husband is on a long business trip, but have you ever had your skin overlapped with a man other than your husband until you were embraced by me tonight?”

Asami-san who stays connected to me in the lower part of the body in missionary position, nods while looking up at my face.

“Yes, Akira-kun. I got excited during the secondary meeting of the high school alumni association this time and with the momentum of drinking, I spent the night at the hotel with my former classmate from high school days.”

With Asami-san’s ripe body in her 30s and considering that her husband is going on long business trips, I think that it is not impossible and that it can’t be helped.

“Have you not met with that former classmate from high school since then?”

With my male genitalia that is still inserted in the female genitalia of Asami-san, being wrapped in the semen ejaculated by me and in the love juice secreted from Asami-san’s vagina, I felt that I was regaining my erection again and asked.

“Yes. Akira-kun, because both he and I am married, we settled it with each other by saying that it is an only one night’s relationship.”

“Muku~tsu, mukuku~tsu”

Un. My male genitalia has revived.

“Gunyu~tsu, zuchu~tsu, jupu~tsu”

Compared to the first time I inserted it, I move my waist with more leeway than before.

“Until Asami-san’s husband returns from his long business trip, I will be coming to be with you and comfort your ripe female body. So ,do not have a physical relationship with people other than me.”

Asami-san gently nods while being used by me.

“Yes. I understand Akira-kun. Please use my body.”

“Zuchu~tsu, jupu~tsu, gunyu~tsu”

I nodded with a smile while enjoying the feel of the married woman, Asami-san’s vagina wall.

“Yeah, I will gladly be using Asami-san’s body. Oh, and please keep the relationship between me and Asami-san a secret.”

“Yes, Akira-kun.”

Un. Inside the vagina of Asami-san, love juice is being secreted with a good feeling♪.

“And so that I can ejaculate inside your vagina at anytime in the future, Asami-san should try to drink oral contraceptives.”

“Juryuu~tsu, guryuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu”

Like I thought, once I have ejaculated once, the insides of her vagina has a nice slippery wet feeling.

“I understand, Akira-kun. I will go to the obstetrics and gynaecology tomorrow and have oral contraceptives prescribed to me.”

Asami-san really does seem to listen to anything I say, the effect of the “Book of Dominating Married Woman” that I got in that second-hand market is amazing.

“Guryuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu, juryuu~tsu”

“I will have you accompany me until I am satisfied tonight, Asami-san♪”

I says so to Asami-san with a smile, and as if Asami-san was caught by that smile.

“Yes, Akira-kun♪”

Fumu. Rather than being totally manipulated by the “Book of Dominating Married Woman”, it seems like she is following me with obedience while holding affection for me.

“In the future, every time I ejaculate inside your vagina, please reach sexual climax.”

Well, let’s confirm whether the “Book of Dominating Married Woman” manipulation effects extends to physical pleasure.

“Zuryuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu”

I move my hips increasingly vigorously back and forth with my male genitalia inside Asami-san, and edging towards ejaculations.

“I am going to cum, Asami-san.” “Dopyuu~tsu”

At the same time that I ejaculate inside Asami-san’s vagina, Asami-san’s whole body cramps.

“A~tsu, a~tsu, a~tsu, a~tsu”


Asami-san arched her back and reached orgasm.

“Piku~tsu, piku~tsu, piku~tsu”

To Asami-san whose body is trembling with the lingering pleasure after the orgasm.

“If you keep getting embraced by me in the future, you can enjoy the same amount of pleasure at any time. Asami-san♪”

To this, Asami-san smiled to me with a sincere smile.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Please give me pleasure from now on♪”

The two of us smiled together and gently overlapped our lips.

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