Books to Dominate Married Women 22

♂ Feeling a Married Woman’s Ripe Body over Mother’s Body

“Guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu”

“While inserting my penis like this into Asami-san’s vagina doggy-style. It is strange to look at the Mother’s naked body from over Asami-san’s ripe female body.”

“Zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu, guchu~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu, rero~tsu”

“That’s true. Asami-san, is not it painful?”

“Pecha~tsu. Yes. I’m fine, Ichijo-san♪”

After the discussion over tea after dinner, the three of us moved to Asami-san’s room next door. Asami-san who took off all her clothes, crawls on all fours on the bed, and brought her tongue to Mother’s naked body and begins caressing her vagina with her tongue. I am inserting my penis into the vagina of the ripe married woman, Asami-san, who is on all fours, in the doggy-style position.

“That reminds me, it’s the first being in doggy-style position with Asami-san.”

“Ara. Is it so, Akira?”

“Jupu~tsu, guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu” “chupu~tsu, rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

While Mother and I are using Asami-san’s upper and lower holes at the same time, while having a conversation, holding the married woman in her thirties as though sandwiching Asami-san. I nodded to my mother who is enjoying the skillful tongue of Asami-san.

“Asami-san likes to enjoy a conversation at the same time while swaying and straddling above me in the cowgirl position. In the case of the widow Kodaira Mina, she likes the face-to-face seated cowgirl position. Depending on the woman, I think that their favourite position is quite different.”

“Pecha~tsu. I certainly like the cowgirl position where I can enjoy a conversation. I also like the doggy-style position in such a manner that I can use both the upper and lower holes at the same time like this as well Akira-kun♪”

To the licentious attitude of Asami-san who has the ripe body of a woman in her thirties, my mother and I looked at each other’s face, and smiled at the same time.

“Guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu”

“Since Akira is seriously considering a relationship with Kodaira Mina-san, when we go shopping next time, I would like to meet Mina-san too.”

“Zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu, guchu~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu, rero~tsu”

“Yes. That’s right, Mother. Mina-san is a wonderful woman like Mother and Asami-san. I would please me if Mother likes her as well. ”

“Jupu~tsu, guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu” “chupu~tsu, rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

Mom is having her neighbour and friend, Asami-san serve with her skillful married wife’s tongue technique. Nodding while her body flushed.

“If that’s what Akira want, then there is no objection from me.”

“Guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu”

“Thank you very much, Mother. Is Amami-san fine with that?”

When I confirm with Asami-san who I have a limited, time bounded relationship of only during the absence of her husband who is on a long business trip. Asami-san nods with a smile while her whole face is wet with saliva and Mother’s love juice.

“Pecha~tsu. Yes, Akira-kun. I am happy that that you also ask me as well♪”

Even though it’s only a clear, limited relationship. It seems that Asami-san felt happy that I asked for her opinion regarding my relationship with other women.

“Zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu, guchu~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu, rero~tsu”

“U, n~tsu…”

It has been a long time since my mother’s husband who is my father went overseas due to an overseas assignment. Although it took a while until fire of sensuality was lit. It seems that the passion that was forgotten was excavated by Asami-san’s skilled tongue technique of an experienced, lustful married wife in her thirties.

“Tonight, I will be keeping Mother and Asami-san company until morning.”

To my words, Mother showed me, her son, the expression of a female for the first time.

“Yes, Akira. Let’s enjoy ourselves until morning♪”

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  1. Narrow-minded people should just shut up. He didn’t even do his mother, Asmi did. Also, even if he did, so what? It’s their private business, busy bodies. Almost all married couples have a DNA match about as close as blood-related siblings anyway. Big difference.

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