Books to Dominate Married Women 21

Sexually Frustrated Married Women

“To be honest, I am envious of Asami-san.”

“What do you mean, Mother?”

After having finished eating the delicious dinner that my mother had enthusiastic given her all to make. While we were enjoying tea after dinner with the three of us being, my mother, Asami-san, and I. My mother had said abruptly.

“Asami-san’s husband is on a long business trip. My husband is away from home in his new office overseas. Although I think that it is not something to talk about before my child, Akira, I also felt lonely sleep alone. It is enviable that my neighbour, Asami-san, to bee able to sleep together with Akira.”

To my mother’s frank opinion, Asami-san and I unintentionally looked at each other’s faces. Certainly, I can understand my mother’s feelings.

“Does Ichijou-san’s husband, not know when he will be returning from abroad?”

Asami-san called my mother by her surname name. My name is Ichijou Akira, so my mother’s surname is also Ichijou. My mother’s maiden name before marrying my father doesn’t seem to be Ichijou after all.

“Ee, he still cannot come back for the time being. When will Asami-san’s husband come back from his long business trip?”

Asami-san made a bitter smile to my mother’s question.

“My husband still seems to be unable to return for the time being.”

As for a feature common between my father and Asami’s husband. I think that it is being a workaholic who does not show interest or concern for things other than work.

“Should I also make a limited-time lover while my husband is absent like Asami-san?”

To my mother’s thoughts, after thinking for a while.

“I think that there is no problem if there is no attachment, as long as my father is absent. Does my mother think you can have a relationship while clearly differentiating your priorities so as to not develop too much of an attachment?”

“Certainly, as Akira-kun has said, when it comes having a limited time-bound relationship, I cannot think of you as a person who can make a such a differentiation.”

Both mother and Asami-san similarly, she is not thinking of separating with my father. She is only seeking a person who can eliminate the loneliness of sleeping alone while my father is away abroad.

“Ano, is it okay?”

While my mother and I are thinking, Asami-san, with a facial expression that she has come up with something good.

“Actually, I am interested in both men and women. I have thought that Ichijou-san was wonderful from before.”

To Asami-san’s remark, my mother and I looked at each other’s faces.

“Does that mean that Asami-san is bisexual?”(TN: She actually said dual wielder, meaning interested in both, or having two interests, but it doesn’t really make sense in English so I excluded it.)

To Mother’s confirmation, Asami-san nods with a smile.

“Yes, Ichijou-san. Since I had a lover of the same-sex as a student♪”

A lover of both genders, a so-called bisexual. Asami-san is not only a married woman with excess sexual frustrations. You were also a woman who could have relationships with both men and women?

“What do you think, Ichijou-san. Would you like to try things, and check the compatibility of our bodies with me once?”

To Asami-san’s suggestion, my mother looked towards me.

“If there is no objections from Akira who is having a relationship with Asami-san. I think that it I would accept Asami-san’s proposal, though?”

Fumu. Although it seems to say that having a mother and daughter at the same time as a oyakadon in jargon. In this case, it’s mother and I. It seems that Asami-san wants to taste a mother and son.(TN: Oyakadon is a Japanese pun. Oyakadon is a Japanese dish, however ‘oyako’ means parent and child. ‘Oya’ for parent and ‘ko’ for child.

“If it is fine with Mother and Asami-san, who are both adult women. I have no objections on my part.”

Asami-san made with a full smile to my answer.

“Thank you very much, Akira♪”

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