Books to Dominate Married Women 20

♂A Physical Relationship

“Jupu~tsu, kuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu” “yura~tsu, tayun~tsu”

“In Asami-san’s favourite cowgirl position, as Asami-san shakes her hips, I can look up from the bottom at the rich breasts that shake. As a healthy teenage boy, it’ a feast for the eyes♪”

“Thank you very much, Akira-kun♪”

When I handed out the souvenir for my mother that Mina-san helped me choose, she was very pleased. When my mother was enthusiastically giving it her all in cooking tonight’s dinner, she suggesting inviting Asami-san, the married woman next door whose husband is on a long business trip and has a ripe female body in her thirties, for dinner. I am serving as a partner for Asami-san’s sexual frustrations while my mother is giving her all in cooking dinner.

“Zuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “tayun~tsu, yura~tsu”

“As I thought, a teenage male like Akira-kun is nice and hard♪. That person’s has become rather soft as of late.”

Asami-san who accepts my erect penis in the cowgirl position compares the condition of her husband’s soft penis who is on a long business trip to my hard penis. Since she is trying to please me, I also smile towards Asami-san.

“I think that the feeling of Asami-san’s ripe pussy is also wonderful♪”

“Nuryu~tsu, jupu~tsu, zuchu~tsu” “yura~tsu, tayun~tsu”

“Thank you very much, Akira-kun♪”

Asami-san is a married woman who likes to enjoy conversation while being connected in the cowgirl position. Unlike Suzuki Moeda-sensei who is living separately, she does not intend to separate with her husband. As a partner who constantly takes an oral contraceptive prescribed in obstetrics and gynaecology, and resolves her sexual frustration as a ripe wife of thirties, she is enjoying a physical relationship with me who is a teenager living next door.

“Jupu~tsu, zuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu” “tayun~tsu, yura~tsu”

“Since I couldn’t afford to be Asami-san’s partner last night, after having the dinner that my mother has enthusiastically pt her all into making, I will stay over in Asami-san’s room tonight, and I will have sex with you all night long.”

To my proposal, Asami-san nodded with a smile while looking at me with a look filled with carnal and passionate expectations.

“I am very happy. Akira-kun♪”

I am thinking of having a serious relationship in the long term with Mina-san who is a reserved and discreet widow in her twenties. I think for Asami-san who has rich breasts with a ripe female body in her thirties, it seems best to have a relationship of a man and woman satisfying their sexual desires only while her husband is on a long business trip.

“Zuchu~tsu, nuryu~tsu, jupu~tsu” “yura~tsu, tayun~tsu”

“I will release the first ejaculation of tonight into the depths of Asami-san’s ripe vagina.”

“Yes, Akira-kun♪”

I think that this is good for my relationship with Asami-san.

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