Books to Dominate Married Women 2

♂Changes in Married Women

“Mom, the wife next door, Asami-san, seems to need something of me. So, after I finish eating dinner, I will go to next door.”

When I tell my mother that at the dinner table, she nods her head.

“I understand. Are you staying at Asami-san’s room tonight?”


“Eeto, Mom, what do you mean by staying over?”

My mother who is eating dinner at the same table, looks at my eyes silently.

“I was asking to confirm if your were going to spend the night together with Asami-san, but if you do not want to be asked, then I won’t ask.”

… … … No way, is this the effect of the “Book of Dominating Married Women” a while ago?

“Ah, no, that’s right. At the times when the two are together then there are no problems being asked.”

My mother nods to my reply.

“I understood, Akira.”

… I can not think of any other reason. I can only think that it is the effect of that “Book of Dominating Married Women” ….

“I was waiting for you, Akira-kun.”

When I went to Asami-san’s apartment next door, she seemed to have taken a bath earlier. She was wrapped in the good fragrance of the bath.


I swallowed saliva, and against Asami-san who is a wife that is older than me.

“E, eeto. Well, Asami-san, can you please take off everything you are wearing.

To my request, who is a man other than her husband, Asami-san nods in response without resistance.

“Yes, Akira-kun.”

Rustling sounds of clothes being taken off.

Asami-san, without feeling any hesitation, took off everything she was wearing and became naked.


I swallowed my saliva again and gazed at my neighbor’s wife who is Asami-san’s nakedness before me.

“Ne-Next, lie on the bed and comfort yourself. Could you wet the female genitalia with love juice? ”

“Yes, Akira-kun.”

Asami-san laid her body on the bed and soon began to comfort her female genitalia with her fingers.

“Kuchu~tsu, chupu~tsu, nuryu~tsu” “u~tsu, wa a~tsu”

I could not hold back before the appearance of Asami-san, however I had difficulties taking off all my clothes because of my erect male genitalia that was pressing towards my stomach.

“Chupu~tsu, nuryu~tsu, kuchu~tsu” “ūn, n kkū ~tsu”

I managed to remove my underwear and finally jumped get onto the bed, where Asami-san is.

“Please spread the female instrument for inserting male instruments with your fingers.”

To my words, Asami-san stopped comforting herself and spread herself with her fingers.


“Is this fine…”

“Gui~tsu, nuryuu~tsu”

I, who reached my limits of patience, inserted my erect male genitalia in the female genitalia of Asami-san wet with love juice.

“Guchu~tsu, jupu~tsu, zuryu~tsu”

This is wonderful. The feeling inside the female genital which is wet with the love juice of Asami-san who is a married woman in her 30’s is really wonderful ♪.

“Juryuu~tsu, zuchuu~tsu, gunyuu~tsu”

“Well, Asami. Is it okay if I release inside it today?”

Although in my excitement, I inserted it into Asami’s married genitalia without thinking through about the consequences. I mobilise the last of my reason that I have left, and confirm with Asami-san before it is too late.

“Yes, Akira-kun. Today is a safe day.”

To those words that Asami-san spoke, I lost all reason.

“Zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu”

“I am going to release it, Asami-san.”

To the extraordinary goodness that I am feeling inside the married woman Asami-san, I reached the limit in a blink of an eye.


Without even listening for Asami-san’s answer, I grandly ejaculated inside of her vagina.

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