Books to Dominate Married Women 19

The Women Who are Seriously Thinking

“Mina-san seems pleased that you have a mutual understanding with Suzuki-sensei.”

“Yes, Akira-san. The conversation with Suzuki Moeda-sensei was very fun♪”

I’m on my way home in Kodaira Mina-san’s car as she drives me near the apartment where I live after lunch. Mina-san and Suzuki-sensei, both are women with marriage experience and are of the same age. Although it is rude to point out the exact age of older women in detail. Mina-san and Suzuki-sensei who are of the same year rather than the same age got a mutual understanding in the conversation at lunch. They even exchanged each other’s contact information.

“Both Hayashi-kun and I who are classmates, are students of Suzuki-sensei, a female teacher. Suzuki-sensei and Hayashi-kun seemed to be quite intimate even from the my eyes.”

Mina-san who is driving in the driver’s seat shows the nod of consent to my impression of as I am sitting in the passenger seat of the car.

“Yes, Akira-san. I felt that way as well.”

Suzuki Moeda-sensei is a married woman living separately from her husband who cheated on her and left home. I felt that after she gets divorced with her husband who is living separately, she would be thinking seriously about her relationship with Hayashi-kun.

“Mina-san, you want to meet my mother when it is convenient during the time she is shopping, right?”

Mina-san, to my confirmation, lowered her head while looking at me.

“Yes. If it is not bothering Akira-san and your mother…”

I shook her head sideways with a smile to Mina-san who is speaking reservedly.

“I don’t think that it is a nuisance. I am also looking forward to being able to introduce a wonderful woman like Mina-san to my mother♪”

To my facial expression and tone, Mina relaxed the power in her hand that was stiffly clenching the automobile handle, and with a lovely smile without any tension.

“I am very happy that you say something me like that, Akira-san♪”

Mina-san, who is a widow that is also feeling lonely, apparently appears to be seriously considering a relationship with me.

“Since there are the circumstances mother, we cannot decide the date right away. I will think about aligning a date with Mina-san, together with your work schedule at department store.”

To my words, Mina-san sincerely lowered her head to the extent that it would not hinder the driving of her car.

“Yes. Thank you very much, Akira-san”

I think is truly a reserved, and lovely window in her twenties.

“I think that my mother will surely like the souvenir that Mina-san helped me pick at the store.”

Mina-san shows a lovely smile in delight to my words.

“If your mother takes a liking to me, I will be delighted from my heart Akira-san♪”

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