Books to Dominate Married Women 18

Outside The Membership Store

“Ara, Akira-kun. What a coincidence.”

“Yes, Sensei. Hello.”

When I finish shopping with Mina-san in a membership store with our arm linked together, and exited the store. Coincidentally, from the store at the same time, Sensei, a female teacher who is my homeroom teacher at school, came out hand in hand with a male student who is my classmate that started a relationship with her.

“This wonderful woman is called Kodaira Mina-san, Suzuki Moeda-sensei.”

When I introduced Mina-san, Mina-san who was accustomed as a sales clerk at a department store, performed a very beautiful bow that left me entranced. Suzuki Moeda-sensei, a female teacher who is currently living separately from her husband who cheated on her, also bowed.

“Nice to meet you. I am Suzuki Moeda who is the homeroom teacher of Akira-kun at school.”

Mina-san showed a lovely smile to Suzuki Moeda-sensei.

“Nice to meet you, Suzuki Moeda-sensei.”

It seems that my ale classmate who is holding hands Sensei is wondering how to respond.

“I asked Hayashi-kun to go shopping with me during the our day off.”

Since Sensei was seen by me in the room of the love hotel, when they were having sex, it seems she has no intention of hiding her relationship with Hayashi-kun.

“This store has a membership system and it is also away from school after all.”

When I implied that it is a good idea that, Suzuki-sensei, a married female teacher, this a good place to spend her day off with her student Hayashi-kun. Sensei shows me the ring finger of her left hand on the opposite side of the right hand that is holding Hayashi-kun’s hand, where the ring has been taken off.

“The one who betrayed the other first is that person, Akira-kun♪”

I also smiled and nodded to Sensei who says that with a smile.

“Yes. It is as Sensei has said.”

Mina-san is still wearing the wedding ring, which was given by her deceased husband, on the ring finger of her left hand. For married women, I think that what to do with the wedding ring will be decided upon when organising their feelings.

“We came here by car, but I wonder if Kodaira-san and Akia-kun have also came here be car as well?”

I nodded to Sensei’s question.

“Yes, Sensei. We came here with a car driven by Mina-sam.”

Suzuki Moeda-sensei nodded to my reply.

“Hayashi-kun and I were planning to have lunch together after this. Would you like to go to there together if it is fine? ”

Fumu, what should I do?

“Do you mind, Mina?”

Mina-san nodded to my confirmation.

“Yes, Akira-san. I would like to ask Suzuki-sensei about how Akira-san is at school after all.”

I see. For Mina-san, she would be interested in my student life as a male teenage student.

“Is Hayashi-kun fine with that?”

Hayashi-kun who is my male classmate nods to my question.

“Un, Akira-kun. Moeda… it is Suzuki-sensei’s suggestion after all.”

Suzuki-sensei turned an endeared look like she was seeing a cute existence to the attitude of Hayashi-kun who corrected himself when he called Suzuki-sensei by her first name.

“Since the other party is Akira-kun and co. You can call me by my name Moeda as usual, Hayashi-kun♪”

Hayashi-kun blushes due to Suzuki Moeda-sensei’s attitude of an adult woman’s composure. Both Mina-san and I also smiled at the same time to Hayashi-kun’s innocent attitude.

“Well then, can you come along to the car I drive, Kodaira-san?”

“Yes, Suzuki-sensei.”

As Mina-san and Suzuki-sensei are of the same age, and because Suzuki-sensei has the character of a female teacher and Mina-san who has a modest and graceful personality, there seems to be no conflict.

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