Books to Dominate Married Women 17

Shopping with a Conservative Widow

“I feel so proud that I am able to go out shopping alone together with a good woman like Mina-san.”

The day after giving Mina-san, who is an older widow, pleasures enough for her to lose consciousness due to my ejaculation in her vagina to impregnate her. Mina-san is driving a car as we went out shopping. Mina-san, who is always shy and a conservative widow, while blushing her cheeks to my compliment.

“I am very happy that Akira-san says something like that to me♪”

Although I think that Mina-san’s conservative attitude is also a part of her personality from birth. I think that the influence of the training by Mina-san’s deceased husband, who is old enough to be her grandfather, is considerable.

“Mina-san, do you mind if we link our arms together?”

To my confirmation, Mina-san smiled happily while blushing her cheeks.

“Yes, Akira-san. I would be pleased to♪”

Un. Mina-san really is a lovely woman. I quite understand why Mina-san’s deceased husband’s selected Mina-san as his second wife.

“Does Mina-san often come to this shop?”

The store that we arrived at by car, is a membership store. Since it is the first time I am visiting it, I asked Mina-san who is linking arms with me. Mina-san leaned her soft widow’s body aganst me while walking.

“Yes, Akira-san. Since it is a membership store handling products for women that I cannot buy in the department stores where I work as a customer service employee, I come here once a month.”

“It is a membership store with plentiful assortment of products for women. If so, there may be good items to buy as souvenirs for mother too.”

The opportunity of encountering Mina-san was when I was looking for a conditioner that my mother asked me to buy at a department store where Mina worked as a customer service employee. I think that it would be better to buy something for mother who created the opportunity for Mina-san and I know each other, as a thank you gift.

“Akira-san treasures his mother, right?”

“Yes. My father is currently working abroad. Since there are only two people, being mother and myself, at home. When I am at home, I try to help mother as much as I can.”

To my story, Mina-san is nodding with a favourable expression with her arms linked with mine. Mina-san’s attitude seems lovely to me.

“Although I am repeating it, Mina-san really is a wonderful woman♪”

Due to my compliment, Mina-san felt shy while still linking arms with me. She smiled feeling happy from the bottom of her heart.

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