Books to Dominate Married Women 16

Sleeping Together with a Widow

“After embracing you, Mina-san, it feels comfortable just lying down like this.”

“Yes, Akira-san. I feel the same♪”

Mina-san is the owner of soft skin that she cares for and is in her twenties, fainted after reaching orgasm while I came inside her womb to impregnate her. I held her tenderly until she regained consciousness. After she regained consciousness, we took a bath together, and we have been lying down side by side together like this.

“This house that my late husband left behind is a little too wide…”

The old husband of Mina-san who died and left this place, to that is worthy of being called a mansion, to Mina-san who is his wife. The bedroom with the bed where I embraced Mina-san until now and the bedroom where we are currently in separate rooms within the mansion.

“The bedroom that where Akira-san embraced me was the bedroom that both my deceased husband and I were slept together. The bedroom where Akira-san and I are spending time together right now is the bedroom I used before my husband died…”

While sleeping together with Mina-san, I smiled and nodded towards Mina-san. I’m thoroughly in the listening position.

“Since my deceased husband was a person who dislikes letting others into a couple’s private space, I have rarely invited people to this house. ”

Even though it is a large mansion, was this the reason for it to feel so desolate?

“My late husband left me a fortune that I would not have any troubles to live life with. Since it seems as if I will go crazy from lonely as I live alone in this large house, I applied to be an employee for customer service at a department store that I had been shopping since before when it was recruiting. It is a few days a week, but being able to work and get in touch with people was what made living worthwhile…”

“Fuwasa~tsu” “a~tsu…”

“Mina-san is now not alone anymore.”

While sleeping together on the bed, I gently hold Mina-san’s soft body that is lying beside me. Mina-san smiled happily.

“Yes, Akira-san. I’m happy♪”

Although the relationship between me and Mina was due to the effect of “Book of Dominating Married Women” that I obtained at the secondhand book at first. Since then, we have been interacting with each other with our hearts and bodies naturally.

“We will be together until morning. When the night is over and the morning comes, shall we go shopping together?”

To my proposal, Mina-san who has given me both her heart and body to me, with a smile containing a sense of relief.

“Yes, Akira-san. I am really looking forward to tomorrow♪”

I smiled and nodded while looking at Mina-san’s smile.

“I am looking forward to it from the bottom of my heart. Mina-san♪”

Me and Mina-san are feeling the warmth and the heart beat of each other by bringing their bodies close, we fell into a restful sleep.

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