Books to Dominate Married Women 15

♂Widow Who Became a Single Female

“Guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu” “a ha~tsu, kū ~tsu, n n ~tsu”

Mina-san, a widow in her twenties, is on the luxurious custom-made couch where she had once rested for the night together with her late elderly husband, with me who is a teenage boy. I penetrate her with my erect male insrument in the face-to-face sitting position. Mina-san, who does not forget her shyness due to shame, makes her white naked body flush, and is releasing a voice of joy from her mouth.

“Jupuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu” “ā~tsu, ku~u u~tsu, n ku~tsu”

Mina-san’s whole body is wet with sweat flowing down the soft skin that Mina-san carefully maintain. I kept holding Mina-san’s body tightly and firmly while connected in the face to face sitting position.

“Fuwasa~tsu” “a~tsu…”“kyu~tsu”

Mina had a look that surprised me for a moment, but she soon smiled happily and hugged me back.

“Zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu” “n ~tsu, recho~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

Mina-san’s female and my male are joined by each other’s genitals our respective lower bodies. Overlapping your lips naturally, join together in two places, both above and below. We were completely integrated as one.

“Guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu” “kuchu~tsu, rero~tsu, juryu~tsu”

While continuing the movement of my waist to ejaculate semen from male instrument, into the uterus opening in the back of the vagina of Mina-san. Through Mina-san’s tongue entwined with mine in her mouth, I poured my saliva into Mina-san’s throat.

“Jupuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu” “ngu~tsu, goku~tsu” “kyuu~tsu, kyuuu~tsu”

Mina-san, who is connected to me in both the upper and lower two places, when she swallow my saliva that I poured into her throat while pushing up in my male instrument at the joined part of the lower body. The vaginal wall which is getting wet with Mina-san’s love juice entwines around my male instrument like a living thing.

“Puha~tsu, taraa~tsu”

When Mina-san and I released our lips, sticky saliva drew a string between them.

“Zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu” “kyuu~tsu, kyuuu~tsu”

“Aah, Akira-san, I am already at my limit. Please ejaculate your thick semen, that is Akira-san sperm, towards the cervix of my uterus. Please impregnate me.”

Since I am being the partner of either Mina-san or Asami-san, who is a thirty year old sexually frustrated married wife of my neighbor, everyday, I have become able to tolerate my ejaculation quite a lot. For Mina-san, who only has experience of making love with her deceased elderly husband who was as old as her grandfather, being pierced by a teenage boy who is like a male wild beast. following her instincts as a female, she begs for my ejaculation in her uterus.

“Ee, Mina-san. I will impregnate you.” “gun~tsu. Gujuu~tsu, juchuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu” “ā~tsu”

In face-to-face sitting position, I push up my back with the momentum penetrating her female body. Mina-san arched her back and I used both hands to support Mina-san’s beautiful back so that Mina-san’s body wouldn’t fall.

“Juchuu~tsu, zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu” “ā~tsu, Akira-san. It’s intense. It’s the first time I pierced so deep.”

I heard Mina-san’s shy voice and confirmed that my male instrument reached the place which Mina-san’s dead husband never reached. My male instinct, the instinct that I wanted to take my female as my own, was stimulated further.

“Zuryuu~tsu, guchuu~tsu, jupuu~tsu” “Mina-san. I will dye Mina-san’s virgin land with my white turbid liquid.

When I say so, I stab it deeply into the deepest part of Mina-san’s female genitalia which no one has reached except me.

“Dopyuu~tsu” “ā~~~~~~~~~ ~tsu” “bikun~tsu, bikun~tsu, bikun~tsu”

At the same time I released semen into Mina-san’s innermost part, Mina-san reached orgasm. While raising the scream of a wild female, her whole body shook violently and she lost consciousness.

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