Books to Dominate Married Women 14

Widow’s Impregnation

“Gucho~tsu, jupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu”

I, a teenage boy, and Mina-sa, a widow in her twenties. The two of us are on top of the bed that Mina-san had once used to sleep together with her deceased husband. While making lewd sounds from where we are intermingled, we are in the face-to-face position as we have sex to impregnate Mina-san.

“Juppu~tsu, zunyuu~tsu, guchoo~tsu”

“Mina-san’s vagina secretes a much larger amount of love juice from her vagina wall as it is desiring my semen.”

While in the face-to-face position, Mina-san, a widow who is older than me, flushes her body and nods to my words.

“Y-yes, Akira-san. My womb is seeking your sperm, which is your semen. I can feel my cervix is descending…”

I think Mina-san was cherished by her elderly husband who has passed away, due to him loving this virtuous attitude of hers.

“Zunyuu~tsu, guchoo~tsu, juppu~tsu”

“I will respond to Mina-san’s sincere physical and mental desire. I will ejaculate my semen directly into your uterus from your vagina. I will release my sperm and impregnate Mina-san.”

To my words, Mina-san smiled happily despite being ashamed.

“Thank you very much, Akira-san♪”

Un. It was enough to make me jealous without thinking, of Mina-san’s dead husband who could do as he pleased with Mina-san’s body and mind. Mina-san, who is a widow in her twenties and has soft skin that she maintains with care, seems attractive. Although Mina-san requested me to impregnate her and as she wanted a child due to her loneliness, now I really wanted to impregnate Mina-san.

“Muku~tsu, mukuku~tsu”


In accordance to the instinct of a living male, my male instrument shows the best erection in my life in the vagina of the widow Mina-san who used to be the wife of another person. Mina-san’s female body in her twenties who had only been with her elderly deceased husband, showed an honest reaction to my existence who is in his teens with my rigid male instruments that is inside her, As I was connected to her in the face-to-face sitting position, I smiled towards Mina-san.

“When you are accepting my seed and being impregnated, I want Mina-san to also feel the joy of a female.”

Mina-san’s cheeks were dyed red, and stares at my face with a natural facial expression.

“The joy of a female…”

I nodded with a smile.

“Ee, Mina-san. Baby-making is when men and women return to simple living creatures. While thinking about each other, I think that it is a thing to enjoy the pleasures of sex with both mind and body. Returning to just being a male and female, I would like to just indulge in child making without thinking about anything. What about Mina-san?”

To my question, Mina-san, with an expression that is neither that of an older woman nor a virtuous widow, but that of a female.

“Yes, Akira-san. I also want to return to being a single female and share my joy with Akira-san.”

I smiled with an entire face, and nodded to Mina-san.

“I understand. We will return to being just a male and a female, and enjoy ourselves with our whole bodies♪”

Mina also nods with a full smile.

“Yes, Akira-san.”

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