Books to Dominate Married Women 13

♂Widow’s Soft Skin

“Guchu~tsu, zunyu~tsu, jupu~tsu”

“Through my caress, Mina-san’s feeling was felt. The love juice secreted from her has a role of lubricating between Mina-san’s vaginal wall and my male instrument, rubbing in the vagina of Mina-an who is fascinated by me. I can understand it from the sound that is humid with the love juice that is secreted in large quantities from Mina-san’s female instrument.”

“Y-yes, Akira-san. I am feeling pleasure from the caress of Akira-san.”

A teenage boy, and a widow in her twenties, we are connected in the face-to-face sitting position on a luxurious custom-made couch. Since Mina-san does not forget her shyness, it is possible to look closely at the shiny facial expressions where her cheeks are flushed with shame. My instincts as a man is stimulated further by Mina-san’s modest attitude.

“Muku~tsu, mukuku~tsu”


The feeling that my penis inserted in Mina-san’s female genitalia changes more intensely. Mina-san seems to have felt in her vagina, and with Mina-san’s attitude of an older widow, who has dyed her cheeks red and endures the change,it further motivates my desire to conquer….

“Fū ~tsu,-fū ~tsu, fū ū ~tsu”

“Akira-san, is there something wrong?”

Since I was suddenly starting to take deep breaths while I was connected to Mina-san in the face-to-face sitting position, Mina-san had a bewildered expression.

“No, Mina-san is so attractive that I wan almost lead by the impulse of a teenage boys’ libido because it seemed to be greedy with the desire for a female body of soft skin like Mina’s that seems to suck cling to you. Since I would like to spend the full night together with Mina-san being pleased, I took a deep breath to calm down for a bit.”


To my words and attitude, the vagina wall of Mina-san’s female instrument strongly enveloped and tightened around my male instrument.

“Un, I have calmed down. Well then Mina-san, we will continuing.”

Mina-san is different from Asami-san, a married wife in her thirties who is sexually frustrated in my neighbour’s apartment, as although I did not order her to reach sexual climax when I ejaculate inside, Mina-san blushes her cheeks, with her eyes moist, as if to beg me.

“Yes, Akira-san. Please pour the Akira-san’s semen into me.”

To Mr. Asami, a 30-year-old married wife who is sexually frustrated while her husband is on a long business trip, I have told her to take oral contraceptive medicine, prescribed at Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Mina-san, a widow, who has no children with her elderly husband who passed away, wants me to ejaculate in her vagina to impregnate her.

“Ee, Mina-san. I will impregnate you.”


Mina-san’s female instrument whose instinct as a female wanting my sperm, gives me the best tightening around my male instrument so far.

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