Books to Dominate Married Women 12

♂The Sensitive Part of the Widow

“Tsun~tsu, rero~tsu, picha~tsu”

“U~tsu, n n ~tsu”

Mina-san straddles over me with her female instrument before me as she bring her mouth to my male instrument. As I stimulate with her clitoris at the upper part of the female genitalia of Mina-san whose servicing my male instrument, with tip of my tongue, Mina-san moaned with my male instrument still in her mouth.

“Mina-san, please continue to serve my male instrument as you are.”


Since Mina-san nodded while holding my male instrument in her mouth and continued her service as per my instructions, I decided to continue caressing Mina-san’s clitoris.

“Rero~tsu, picha~tsu, kuchu~tsu” “u~tsu, ū ~tsu”

When I stimulate the Mina-san’s sensitive part, which is her clitoris, with my tongue, Mina responds to my caress and trembles with her white nude body, never letting go of my male instrument from her mouth. I think that this is the result of training of her lost husband who was old enough to be Mina-san’s grandfather in terms of age.

“Picha~tsu, rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu” “muku~tsu”

Because I caressed Mina-san’s sensitive part of the clitoris that was swelling and erect.

“Muki~tsu, munyu~tsu” “ūu ~tsu”

When I stripped the hood of the erect clitoris and pressed against the clitoris which is a sensitive part of Mina-san, Mina-san who became exposed to my finger pad, trembled her white naked body even more violently. I ignored Mina-san’s reaction.

“Munyu~tsu, rero~tsu, kuchu~tsu” “u~tsu, ū ~tsu” “puru~tsu, puru~tsu, puru~tsu”

While I caress using both my fingers and tongue against the exposed clitoris, Mina-san desperately continues her service to my male instrument, whilst being unable to stop the trembling her body.


In response to the caress against the clitoris, the love juice secreted from Mina-san’s female instrument. As the love juice covers my fingers, I kept caressing the clitoris that was swelling and erect, which is the sensitive part, with my fingers covered in Mina-san’s love juice.

“Munyu~tsu, momi~tsu, kui~tsu” “ū ū ū ̄̄̄̄̄ ~tsu”

When I caress Mina-san’s clitoris and lightly pinch it, Mina-san’s whole body stiffened. Nevertheless she continues to serve my male instrument, and I feel that she is desperately trying to keep her teeth from touching me.

“Mina-san, its fine to take your mouth off my male instrument.”

“Chubo~tsu. Wa a~tsu, wa a~tsu, wa a~tsu” “pota~tsu, potata~tsu”

Mina-san who got my permission, breathed a rough breath away from my male instrument. From her Mina-san’s female widow genitalia, love juice that shows her sexual excitement is continues dripping.

“Mina-san reacts sensitively, so I am happy as the person who does caressing. Would you like to continue with this position all night tonight?”

“Th-that is…” “moji~tsu, nucha~tsu, tara~tsu”

Mina-san tries to say something while flushing her white naked body. Mina-san’s waist that’s just above me, unconsciously moves in a way as to invite a man and keeps secreting love juice.

“Does Mina-san want me to insert my male instrument into Mina-san’s feminine instrument that is wet with Mina-san’s love juice? Do you want me to rub the vaginal wall that’s completely wet with my male instrument and pour my semen directly into your uterus?”

When I asked with the depiction of the sexual acts that will be performed in Mina-san’s female genitalia in a graphic way, it was confirmed from the sight of clitoris that swelled and became further erect.

“Ye-yes, Akira-san. I would like Akira to do that…”

Mina-san answered in a voice that would disappear. While being a widow older than me, Mina-san’s attitude where she does not forget shame stimulates my male dominance. I strongly felt that I wanted to ejaculate my sperm inside Mina-san’s womb.

“I understand. I will comply to Mina-san’s request.”

To my reply, Mina-san looks happy from the bottom of her heart.

“Thank you very much, Akira-san♪”

Mina-san’s honest reaction like this is also one of the reasons that I embrace Mina-san.

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