Books to Dominate Married Women 11

♂White Naked Widow


“I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Akira-san.”

I shook my head and smiled to Mina-san, a widow in her twenties who came out naked from the bathroom.

“No, Mina-san. You do not have to worry about it. Women take time and effort to care for and maintain their skin.”

I am satisfied with the sight of the white nakedness of Mina-san’s widow body that has been carefully cared for and maintained.

“Mina-san is mine in both mind and body. I will not fault Mina-san who polishes her soft skin for me♪”

To my words, Mr. Mina, with a full smile.

“Thank you very much, Akira-san. I am very happy that you say that to me.”

Mina-san’s husband who passed away ahead of her, is at the age to be her grandfather. Apparently, Mina-san received mental training from her elderly deceased husband, so that if she doesn’t have a man, she would become lonely so that she can not live alone.


“Then Mina-san, I will leave it to you.”

When I lie down on a custom-made large bed, Mina-san smiles as if she is so happy that she cannot bear it.

“Yes, Akira-san. I will serve you♪”

I think that the one-storey house where Mina-san and I are in, is a house that can be call a mansion. Mina-san’s deceased husband got married to Mina as his second wife after his previous wife. I heard that there were neither children nor brothers and sisters. It looks like he left a considerable amount of property including this mansion to Mina-san who is now a widow.

“Rero~tsu, picha~tsu, kuchu~tsu”

Mina-sa straddled myself who’s lying on the custom-made large bed and she started serving my male instrument. Mina-san’s posture is that of straddling myself, holding male instruments, with Mina-san’s female instrument in front of me.

“Picha~tsu, kuchu~tsu, rero~tsu”

While I have Mina-san service me, I observe the female instrument of the widow in her twenties in front of me.

“Since Mina-san’s whole body is completely smooth from the neck down, I can clearly see Mina-san’s most intimate part♪”

When I speak of my enjoyment, Mina-san’s white naked body flushes with shame.

“Y-yes, Akira-san. My husband who passed away prefers hairless woman.”

I also think that it is a good preference.

“Nuryu~tsu, chupu~tsu, zunyu~tsu”


Mina-san’s female instrument has already gotten damp, but I think it is better to have more secretion of love juive from vaginal wall before I insert my male instrument so that it will function as good lubricant.

“Mina-san, please continue to serve my male instrument as you are. I will entertaining myself with Mina-san’s most intimate part♪”

Mina nodded while flushing her white naked body.

“Y-yes, Akira-san.”

While being a widow in heer twenties, I think that I can not bear this innocent reaction.

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