Books to Dominate Married Women 10

Conditioner’s Fragrance and Married Wife


“I feel relieved when Akira-kun tenderly gently hugs me from behind in bathtub’s hot water like this.”

“I’m glad that Mina-san is happy.”

A few days have passed since Mino-san, a customer service department store clerk, and heard information from the malfunctioned toilet at the department store in which she worked. I understood that Mina was a widow. It turned out that the efficacy of “Book of Dominating Married Women” can control a widow as a married woman.


“There was a time when I was about to be crushed by loneliness when I was taking a bath alone after the death of my deceased husband. Being hugged by Akira-san while being soaked in the hot water in the bathtub like this, I feel warm both mentally and physically♪”

Mina-san became a married woman and then a widow in her late twenties as her husband passed away early. The size of her breasts is slightly smaller than my neighbour’s 30 year old married woman, Asami-san, and because she is working as a department store customer service, she is quite concerned about people’s eyes in the workplace environment that is always exposed to people’s eyes. It seems that she cares very much for taking care of her skin. Even when this widow’s soft skin in her late twenties is hugged from behind while soaking in the hot water of the bathtub in this way, you can enjoy a smoothness that is like it is sticking to you.

“Mina-san has a day off from work tomorrow, so I will stay with you all night tonight until morning.”

To my words, Mina-san smiles with a smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

“Yes, Akira-san♪”

Mina-san is an employee working as a customer service at a department store. So on the day before the holiday, I had decided to come and spend the night. On the other days, I am planning to spend the night with the married woman Asami-san who is next to the apartment where I live with my mother.


“I need to thank the scent of this conditioner.”

From Mina-san’s wet hair, a good fragrance of the conditioner just being washed has drifted. It happened to be that Mina-san’s type of conditioner that she used was the same as what my mother used.

“Yes, Akira-san♪. Would you mind if I also go to say thanks to your mother next time?”

Fumu, what should I do? At my home there is only my mother who is dominated by the “Book of Dominating Married Women” because my father has been transferred overseas abroad. In the apartment complex at home, I am concerned that the atmosphere may be a little bad when we are found by Asami-san, a 30 year old married woman next door.

“Since my apartment complex is in the neighbouring town, so is it OK to meet at the time I will come shopping with my mother in this town?”

“Yes, Akira-san♪”

To Mina-san who answered with a smile, I nodded with a smile.

“Let’s have fun together tonight, Mina-san.”

Mina-san’s beautiful soft skin that she cares for, flushed from the expectation of the affair with me.

“Yes, Akira-san. I can stay with Mr. Akira-san until morning♪”

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