Books to Dominate Married Women 1

Ten Books for a Total of One Hundred Yen

“Un. It was an interesting novel. I was lucky today.”

When I was going back home after school had ended through the shopping district, I had found a second-hand bookstore that was selling books, and so I went to check it out and found that on top of a pile of books that were being sold for 100yen for 10 books, there was a novel that I had wanted to read for quite a while and so I bought it along with some others books. It was a more interesting novel than I had expected, so I am quite satisfied.

“Now that I think about it, what kind of books are the other 9?”

Since coming home, I have been concentrating on reading that novel until I finished it, so I haven’t confirmed what kind of books they are.

“Uh…. What is this book. Although there is a book titled “Book of Dominating Married Women”. Is it a kind of sensory novel?”

I am a healthy teenager too. So with a little bit of exceptions, I read through Book of Dominating Married Women” ….

“It seems to be an occult book, rather than a sensory novel. Eeto, if you cast this spell, every married woman who has a spouse will do as you please. Haha .. ♪. It might be good to bring it to school tomorrow. Some of my male classmates may seriously try it. Well, let’s cast the spell that is written in the book once. ”

With really light-hearted feelings, I cast the spell written in the “Book of Dominating Married Women”.

“Akira. Can I ask you to do the garbage disposal before dinner?”

“Yes, Mom.”

The apartment where my family lives is an apartment that is classified as high-class, which has garbage disposal for 24 hours. It is my daily routine that my mother finishes the dinner preparations every day and I carry out the garbage disposal including the waste used for cooking.

“Mom, is there any rubbish besides burnable garbage to take to the collection place?”

To my question, my mother who was preparing dinner for two people shook her head after giving it a bit of thought.

“No, it’s fine. Just take the burnable garbage.”

“Yes, Mom.”

I opened the door of the mansion’s entrance with burnable garbage, the wife next door just came out with a bag containing combustible waste.

“Ara, Akira-kun.”

I lower my head.

“Good evening. Is that garbage disposal? If it is okay with you, I can bring it to the gathering place for you.”

The wife next door nod to my words.

“Yes, please do.”

I received the flammable garbage bag from the wife in the next door.

“Is there anything else?”

To my question, the wife next door stares at my eyes.

“I will do anything that Akira-kun wants.”

………Un. What does that mean?

“Well, if there is something else you need to do, then I can call on you after dinner. Would that be better?”

The wife next door is deeply bowing her head with sincerity.

“Yes, Akira-kun. I will be waiting for you.”

This is strange. I have known the wife next door since I was a child. Right now her husband is on a long business trip, and so I so help her when she to do some manual labour.

“I understand. I will talk to my mom and I will visit you after dinner.”

The wife in the next door stares at my eyes, and deeply bowing.

“Yes. I will be waiting for you Akira-kun.”

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